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The End of An Era, you might say…

Today I wrote my last exam as a student. I can’t even explain how I’m feeling… I think overwhelmed is the best word to describe what I’m going through at the moment. So many things are changing for me at the same time. I have 3 exciting news, the 1st is I’m done with Uni and the other 2 I think I should blog when I’m not so high on endorphins.

Went out to celebrate the end of an era with a few people that i have come to know and love over the last few stressful challenging years.

Wednesdays are half price pizzas at the raffles hotel, Applecross.

My oh, so innocent mocktail. I love how they make their mocktails at the raffles. They have no standard formulations recipes so you can pretty much ask them to throw anything in 🙂 This refreshing apple-based baby cost me only $8!!!

My name is Fatima and I am a Salmonaholic! It’s so hard to believe that less than 8 years ago, I used to go "Eeeeeeew" whenever I saw my Dad have smoked salmon on his toast for breakfast. It just didn’t make sense to me. If the fish is indeed cooked, why did it look so raw and smell so, um, fishy? So one day in 2003 my dad tricked me by making me a breakfast sandwich with had a salmon secretly stashed in. It was divine! And since then, I told myself I will never knock down food without trying it first. I still stayed away from raw fish, although in 2008, I had my first taste of Sashimi – long story. Anyways, I love Salmon! I had the Salmon pizza which came with capers, red onions and avocadoes. Although the avos must have been microscopic cos I couldn’t taste it! Anyhow, it was delish! The crusy was really thin, just the way I like it.

Can’t believe I didn’t take that many photos! Must get the rest off Lucinda!


Good Times!

For some reason after eating we spent the rest of the night standing next to the heater and when it was time to go home our feet were killing us! We couldn’t even walk straight to the carpark! Which was by the way in the basement of the hotel with no elevator that goes that low so and you had to go through a twisted labyrinth to get there! All in all, twas a good night. now, I have 2 years worth of sleep to catch up on… See you in 100 years 🙂

Lots of snoozey Love!

Fatima 🙂

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Was it my fault?


I’m going through a very awkward phase with one of my closest friends and our friendship is on a very rocky path. For some reason, two people that used to see at least 6 times a week and call no less than 3 times a day have changed to two people who act awkwardly polite around each other and have only SMSed once in three weeks. Now we didn’t fight, no, I usually make up with a person I fight with within a few hours. We had a disagreement and things just got awkward. I have long been hoping this patch will pass and we’ll go back to being the best buds that everyone knows we are.



So you can imagine my joy on Wednesday when on my way to the bus stop, my phone rang and it was her. It was about time we got this mess sorted out!


"Hey woman! Why are you walking so fast? Turn around," she said.


"Where are you?" I laughed. I was walking on a footpath and there was almost no one walking in front of me or behind me.  


"I’m in my car, walk back quickly…. Oh Sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!"


"What? Oh my God? What’s wrong?"


Turns out she was talking on the phone and driving at the same time. She kind of stopped on the curb to speak to me and she eventually kind of lost control and her car turned into an under croft parking lot. The car went over a road median and got scratched severely on the bottom.


By the time I got where she was she had successfully reversed and parked the car properly. However, the engine oil was leaking (I suck at automobile vocabulary!). It didn’t seem like a big deal to me (but then again, what do I know about cars?). She seemed (understandably) upset by this, although a few minutes after that it seemed she was upset at me for some reason.



Nevertheless, I apologised that this had happened and then proceeded to one of the most tense car rides ever as she dropped me off at the bus stop so I don’t miss my Route 102. People were waiting for me and I had to be somewhere important, that’s why I couldn’t stay to go with her to the mechanic and fix the car. She also told me it was no big deal and it was fixable so I didn’t have to fuss over it. The car was oky, no one was hurt, it was fixable so we both went about our day as we had planned before the mishap.


The question here is:


Was it my fault that this had happened?


Is she right to be angry at me for the whole accident happening?


Am I to be held responsible for any of this? Keeping in mind that it was her choice to talk on the phone while driving but at the same time, I would have hung up, told her to park so we could talk if i knew she was driving. But I did not know.


So what to do? I hate blame games. I take responsibility when I know I have done something wrong because let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. I just need to know if I should be halving the car repair bill or not.


Lot’s of annoyed but understanding love,


Fatima "Yes-I-still-catch-the-bus" Bukar 🙂


P.S. Handsfree is the way to go while driving!



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Dementia is supposed to be at least 60 years away….

…but according to recent events, I’m beginning to think it’s a lot closer than I might want it to be. It all started with a plate of hot cross buns…

I took 2 lovely hot cross buns out of their plastic bag, fresh and marshmallow soft. I put them in the microwave and set it to two minutes on reheat, like I always do.

10 minutes later I noticed the microwave hadn’t beeped.

I went back and opened it. Lo and behold. The hot cross buns were missing.

“What?” I was shocked.

How can a plate of hot cross buns go missing from the microwave just like that? I was home alone, nobody could have taken them. And judging from the borborygmi in my tummy, I definitely hadn’t had any food this morning.

Disappointed at the buns which were supposed to be only thing that could lighten my mood this morning, I dismissed the disappearing act as an event beyond human  comprehension and understanding.

“Perhaps the microwave was hungry too.”

Come to think of it, we always tempt it with a wide range of food but when have we ever stopped to ask poor Mikey the Microwave what he cared to eat?”

I decided to settle for some frozen yoghurt. So I open the freezer. What do I see? My two lovely hot cross buns staring back at me!

“How did they get here?” The answer is simple; my microwave sits on top of my freezer. i had put the buns in the freezer instead of the microwave and I thought I had set it to 2 mins but I actually hadn’t. It was all a misunderstanding.

Relieved that I don’t have to read Ayatul Kursi whenever I used the microwave, I opened my cutlery drawer to get a knife and the first thing I saw was the beading plier I was searching for yesterday! I returned it to the beading box and I found my pharmacy student badge that I’d been looking for since January! I opened the fridge to return the yoghurt and I found sitting in a plastic bag my debit card! The one that I had declared missing a month ago and even ordered a new one which I have been using for the past three weeks!

So you see, I’m not just being an over reactive drama queen, I have a reason to be concerned about my short term memory. My doctor friends think I’m just way too busy to remember things. Or maybe I’m going through a stressful phase with uni.

But I know what’s happening. It’s these damn hot cross buns! Never before have I been this addicted to them. I actually can’t remember the last time I bought bread! Bread is just too boring! All I care about is my fruity hot cross buns! Morning, afternoon, night! The sweet aroma wafting across your nose. The warm, succulent feeling of that first bite. The hot, melting fruit alternating between what I can only describe as the best way man can ever use dough. And after you’ve swallowed it all, the craving of the next bite to repeat that cycle of bliss over and over and over again! That’s all I want right now! Gimme hot cross buns!

I think I’m freaking out because after Easter, hot cross buns cease to exist. That just has to be the cruelest, meanest and unjustifiable act in the culinary world. Why can’t e have them all year round? *sigh* I guess I have to learn to make them by myself now. Have to search for a good recipe.

Oh, have to go now, microwave just beeped. Guess what I’m having?

Lot’s of cinnamon fruity love!

Fatima “What’s my other name again?” Blank

P.S. Happy Easter to my Easter celebrating friends! 🙂

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Fatima’s Guide to life!


How dyu like my new logo? 🙂

Potluck Dinners!

(Written July 09, found whilst carrying out a "draft folder cleanup". Taken with an old camera so photo quality is not at its best.)

I had an invite to my "Perth sister’s" place for a potluck dinner one Friday night. Now there are many things that Fatima Bukar does and a potluck dinner is not one of them. I hardly ever get invited anyway so it’s not as if I snub potluck dinners. I usually attend dinners where we eat out or the host cooks. I lived on campus for 4 years and we had food cooked for us and on the rare occasions where I got invited to a potluck dinner, I simply dropped by the Caltex on Stirling Highway and bought a tub of Connoisseur ice-cream. But my Perth sister is very special to me. No way a $6.95 tub of ice cream would do! SO with that on my mind, I came up with


You’ll need

Puff Pastry sheets ( 9 x 9 inches)

Nestle Melts Compound Chocolate Buttons (Cooking chocolate)

1 egg, beaten (optional)

That’s it!

I know what you’re thinking. What kind of a dessert is this? Is Fatima out to poison us? Well not today, I’m not. This innovation blew me away too. I didn’t even know my brain had the capacity to come up with such, but it did! Thanks to the boring library! I got my friend Karena to help me out (not that I needed it :P) but because she was invited too, might as well share the love.

1.     Bring the pastry out of the freezer and thaw for about 10-15 minutes (no longer than that! Will become floppy!) Preheat the oven at 200°C

2.     Lay the pastry sheets flat on a work surface and cut in half with a straight line

3.     Align the chocolate in a line in the middle of each side of the pastry as shown above. We ended up using dark chocolate and white chocolate as opposed to just milk chocolate.

4.      Fold each side of the pastry, wrapping the chocolate line in the middle. Now you’ll have 2 rolls each about 1.5” inches wide.

5.      Cut each roll into four 4 mini rolls.

6.      Repeat this as much as you want. I made quite a lot because we had to feed many people

7.      Place it on a greased oven tray ( I usually use foil paper because I’m becoming a germophobe! Long story man!)

8.      Lightly glaze the surfaces with the egg and using a cooking brush and put in the oven. I actually added honey to my egg and used it not only as a glaze but a sweetener as well.

9.     While you’re waiting, get two freezer bags (abi na Santana?) out and open them like shown above

10.   Place chocolate into the corner of the bags and tie it well.

11.   Place the chocolate on a plate (you’ll thank me for this later) and microwave on “High” for 90 seconds.

12.   Now go check on your pastry and make sure it hasn’t burnt! If it hasn’t give yourself a pat on the back, then turn on your music, dance like no one’s watching and take crazy narcissistic pictures of yourself while you wait!

13.   Finally! It is done. You pull your picturesque honey golden looking delicacy out of the oven and straight into the fridge. (Huh?) Just do what I said and don’t ask questions! Hehe I have to admit, I can get a little bossy when it comes to kitchen stuff (Forgive me Karena! *sniff sniff*). You need the pastry to cool so that you can garnish it beautifully.

14.   When it’s cool, make a pin sized hole in the tips of the plastic bag and use the micro-waved chocolate as a piper! You see I don’t have any baking utensils so I had to improvise. Make squiggly swirls with the chocolate and give your beautiful pastries a professional look.

White Choc

Milk Choc

And you’re done! All ya have to do now is eat it!

Less than 1 hour man! SO easy so straight forward! Everyone loved it! Well, everyone except one person that tried to compare it to a chocolate croissant….he didnt make it to the end of the meal….:) Nah I’m  just playing….he’s still alive…though not for long 🙂

Lots of creamy Chocolatey love!

Fatima "I-will-make-you-fat" Bukar


Did you know that everything for this cost less than $10?

$ 3.79 – 6 Puff Pastry sheets ( 9 x 9 inches)

$ 3.50 – 1 x 360g Nestle Melts Compound Chocolate Buttons (and you’ll only use less than half self!)

That’s a real bargain in these times of recession (hehehe! I had ta add that in).

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Second chances

I just received an SMS from a friend who had gone home for holidays and decided maybe Australia wasn’t the place for her. Despite having crazy friends (like me :P), she was bored, she was lonely and a little bit depressed. I remember being devastated when she first told me and when I spoke to her, it seemed she had already made up her mind and no amount of pleading on my path could change it. I had to make my peace with it and support her no matter what decision she made. On one hand, I was happy that she was handling it the best way possible and wasn’t willing to compromise her mental health for a stupid degree. On the other hand I was devastated, I felt like I had failed her as a friend. Why didn’t I see the warning signs? In retrospect, they were so many! “…I’m tired, I’m sleepy, I don’t want to do anything…” Seriously Fatima! Those are the early signs of major depression!  I have been beating myself up over it for the last 2 months.

Suddenly, I got an SMS from her today saying she was back in Perth! She had changed her mind and was going to complete her degree. Now I am so happy!!! And then I realised how good second chances can be. Had she not given me the scare, I would never have reevaluated our friendship.

Why do we have to suffer a loss to appreciate our blessings? My paternal grandma passed away this summer and now, I feel I should become closer to my maternal grandma because I’m afraid of losing her too. I went through a self-loathing stage after her loss. People said it is normal to wish you could do more when you lose someone so dear to you. But my grandma’s death still haunts me till this day. Out of everyone in the family, I was the one that hadn’t seen her the longest – 2 years. Sure we spoke on the phone a million times, but all that didn’t matter. I hadn’t seen her. Why didn’t I go home last summer? Why did I schedule my trip to see her towards the end of my holiday? *sigh* Anyways, I now realise that I am luckier than other people who do not have any grandparents or even parents!

Why do we have to suffer a loss to appreciate our blessings? My paternal grandma passed away this summer and now, I feel I should become closer to my maternal grandma because I’m afraid of losing her too. I went through a self-loathing stage after her loss. People said it is normal to wish you could do more when you lose someone so dear to you. But my grandma’s death still haunts me till this day. Out of everyone in the family, I was the one that hadn’t seen her the longest – 2 years. Sure we spoke on the phone a million times, but all that didn’t matter. I hadn’t seen her. Why didn’t I go home last summer? Why did I schedule my trip to see her towards the end of my holiday? *sigh* Anyways, I now realise that I am luckier than other people who do not have any grandparents or even parents!

After a major fight in a relationship, you always want to get closer to your partner. After getting a $100 TransPerth train ticket fine last year, I suddenly go everywhere with my smart rider. After failing an assessment at uni, you suddenly work extra hard to make up for it. After locking myself out of my apartment once, I suddenly triple check that my keys are in my bag. After sitting through a lecture on Cardiovascular Diseases, I only want to eat cauliflower! (only lasted 3 weeks though :P). After working 1 week in a psych ward, I’m thankful for my sanity, After working with a patient with Organic Brain Syndrome, I don’t ever, ever, EVER wanna take recreational drugs. So I’m just wondering: As human beings, Do we need to reach an all time low to appreciate a high?

Lot’s of appreciative love

Fatima “I-will-never-ever-do-drugs” Bukar

P.S: I just contradicted myself. Of course I’ll do drugs – it’s my profession… But not recreational drugs! Major difference! I will happily dispense your

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So lately I’ve been receiving a lot of “Where-the-hell-are-you” emails and comments and it’s only fair fair that I address my sudden disappearance.

  1. I’ve been on a long (much deserved) holiday – and I had MAD FUN! SO much fun that I forgot what the word “blog” meant. I went to Nigeria and I went to Egypt! Took sometime time out to holla at my buddy, Tut!
  2. I just returned to Perth and I am as homesick and jetlagged as ever! I clean the house at 3am and start yawing at 2pm
  3. I have been focusing on finishing my Masters degree (Only 6 months to go! Yippeee!)
  4. I have been “writing”. Yup, yours truly will soon be adding “author” to her list of work experience… excerpts will be posted soon.

So that’s it from me for now, my new years resolution (as always) is to blog regularly! And if you people don’t hound me about it, I’d probably slack off again…

Topics in the works

  • Eid 2009 – Behind the scenes!
  • Oh, Cairo!
  • Ceddi what?
  • But I’m not ready yet!
  • Define Materialistic
  • Vlisco exhibition
  • Don’t molest me, I didn’t do it!
  • Things that make you go ehn?
  • Lampshade DIY
  • Glass painting

I better get to it then!

I have missed my blog so so much!

Lots of intermittent love!

Fatima “MIA” Bukar

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