Il Gelatto…eccellentissimo…delisiozo

  Aaaaaaaaaah!!! Nothing relieves stress like an evening at Il Gelatto ummmm…classic italian ice cream baby! Just had to take a break from da bookies to chill out with Emily, Jenna, Yusra & Lynn…

All da way to Northbridge just for ice cream, i know, but it was so worth it.

We shud do dis more often

@ Jenna, hey remember ice ice baby? hehehehe

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2 Responses to Il Gelatto…eccellentissimo…delisiozo

  1. Unknown says:

    kool lil pics

  2. Unknown says:

    hi i love those smiley central pikz i have them 2 i didnt no u cood put them on ur blog i will try that:p lol

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