Why Oh why Oh why Oh why Oh why does da weekend have to fly by so so fast? I barely even had a good rest and it’s monday already…{Oky think…"No matter da condition…Look on da bright side"} Well…Alhamdulilah dat i am even alive 2 see da weekend. Anyways it was so full of movies {Veer-Zaara, K3G{again and again and again}, 50 first dates, Stepford wives, and of course ma weekly dose of spongebob!!!} followed by reading  and  . Then went to watch Cat’s B~Ball, and well we didnt win ’em all} thats it…and now i’m so stressed out cos i cant find da answer 2 ma chem lab aaaaargh!! Shud’nt have left it 2 da last minute aye?

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