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Went to Russol’s place. It was so much fun…wasn’t it Russol? yeah she was   filling mi with good food! {her mum is such a good cook} . Caught up on all da latest goss, and of course, fun isn’t complete without Movies. … Continue reading

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Exams r so yesterday. No more sleepless nights and ma circadian rhythm can finally be restored.  U know mi, i gotta celebrate happy moments. Went out 4 dinner last nite . Of course with Sha and we ended up with a lil too … Continue reading

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  OMG i haven’t written in this thing since 4eva! {Okay maybe it was just a week} Whatever it’s still been ages. Oky Summarize ma un-cool life in da past week or so Oky got human bio exam on Friday rite? … Continue reading

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I am HaPpY! Je ne sais pas pourquoi! ummmmm….peut-etre parce que je ne plus rien avoir  psychologie, oui oui!!! Je suis detendu et libre! hehehe…oky pas de probleme, je suis Droit oky? Simplement beat! heheheh Bonne Chance mon bon amis…Psychology 102..faites du mieux … Continue reading

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If dem send u make u find mi, tell them say u no see me!

  I know u pple know dat i freak out easily…especially 4 unexplainable reasons. But i tell ya, dis one ehn…hmm even da original aje pako wud freak out… There i was…at 2:00am after a long day of studying for human … Continue reading

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The Beach     I prefer it to the dells A place full of lovely shells Play with them single Some of them jingle Tiny sounds like little bells        Coarse, is the texture of fine sand Mould it … Continue reading

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   Oh…..I miss Yoga!! even though i didn’t go 4 all da sessions….now i realise it worked 4 mi {Sha r u reading dis? yeah it worked 4 mi! i mean when do i usually get to laugh da much?…heheh} … Continue reading

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