If dem send u make u find mi, tell them say u no see me!

  I know u pple know dat i freak out easily…especially 4 unexplainable reasons. But i tell ya, dis one ehn…hmm even da original aje pako wud freak out…

There i was…at 2:00am after a long day of studying for human Biology practical, i decided to take a shower b4 i sleep. oky da 1st cubicle in da loo was locked, meaning sum1 was using it rite? Dats a normal thing. Da next morning it was still occupied…hmmm wat a coincedence…at lunch time….occupied…oky freaky…sum1 seems to have da same bilogical rhythm as me…at nite…dis thing was still in use. Oya now da thing don dey pass Be careful. i started getting strange ideas but i didnt say anything in case i was da only 1 seeing things. Dis continued for 2 days…oky i had 2 be saying ayatul  kursiyyu everytime i was gonna use da loo
infact i stopped using da loo in arney west. hmmm who knows wat was haunting mi.

I finally got da courage to tell Emilie dat i was seeing things and da loo was haunted, i mean who knows it cud be moaning myrtle…….aaaaaargh. After pilling it out to mimi, she paused and then started laughing like it was some kinda joke. After2 mins of  . then she said…"Fatima u r such a coward…da loo was locked cos it was out of order. Sure enuff i felt silly but i was sure relieved.   phew.

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One Response to If dem send u make u find mi, tell them say u no see me!

  1. -Shah.Sha.Sha Xi Da 莎希达. - says:

    walau eh. scare yourself somemore. i havent said that i while eh. have you noticed? LOL. ^_~so are you still using the arney west toilet?=PLOL.if you hear strange noises there, chances are it\’s yr overactive imagination working overtime. dun trust them. just use the loo or the shower and do ya business. ^_~laterz~

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