OMG i haven’t written in this thing since 4eva! {Okay maybe it was just a week} Whatever it’s still been ages.

Oky Summarize ma un-cool life in da past week or so

Oky got human bio exam on Friday rite?

How do i wake up? guess  …..ummmm…nope, not an alarm clock….no not sum1 knocking on ma door…no, not a phonecall…no, nothing spooky sneaking up…no not some freaking banshee screaming up and down da p  lace….BUT DA FIRE ALARM!!! BLASTED FIRE ALARM disturbed ma sleep!       ! I was in stage 5!! Ma lovely REM sleep! Disturbed! Thanx 2 da fire place…I wonder what Chimney’s were created for.   

Anywas Good thing da HB exam wasnt as bad as i thot it wud be.

So was Chem and maths. Well i did all i cud. now it’s just left 4 mi 2 seat back and wait to be either impressed or depressed…InshAllah i wont be depressed. But now…ITS TIME TO PARRTAY        

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