Went to Russol’s place. It was so much fun…wasn’t it Russol? yeah she was   filling mi with good food! {her mum is such a good cook} . Caught up on all da latest goss, and of course, fun isn’t complete without Movies. Watched some oldies {Liar Liar, George of da jungle, Shrek2} and I watched MADAGASCAR! yup da 1 and only…Alex is so cool isn’t he? hehehehe we spent like half da time revising human bio 101, imagine that! it had all da promisians & Tarsiers! {now why didnt we see it b4 da human bio exam?}  . Oh well…it’s a gr8 movie, ya’ll shud watch it. "Oh yeah Chess was fun as well, {wasn’t it ?} and so was checkers…Disturbing Thafar. It was fun beating u twice  . nevamind, now u r a pro   . At least now u can challenge Latifa". Spent da night there and went shopping da next day…yup Morley Galleria, U can’t resist dat mall  . Then came back 2 ma place @ katz. That was a nice weekend.  Russol  Thanx 

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One Response to Fun!

  1. Russol says:

    Hiya Fatima :DHEY NO PROBS mate… anytime, i had a really good time too… yeh got my ass kicked in chess sadly but oh well, now i know how the game works :p ill challenge u any day hehethx for coming mate, although mum wished u woulda stayed another day, but u were in a hurry to get back to st cat\’s… if it werent an all girls college i woulda been suspicious :p hehecool than ill see u arnd 😀

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