Emilie’s gone!

Friday, caught up with Catherine after a very very long time,  we all had bubble T  {Mi, catherine & Camille} and did some light shopping in Carillon city.
@ nite, it was almost time 4 emilie 2 go…Yusra  and Raufa came early so we cud all talk b4 we go 2 da airport. And oh Yus came with Sumi.
I went earlier with Yusra & Sumi {hehehe we were listening 2 dat Shnappy, da little crocodile song  {cute isn’t it?} well we met Em & Rau and did a light duty free shopping. and oh also had coffe and talked…and talked
Time 4 emilie 2 go…        . So sad, we’ve all gotten fond of her…it’s like we r being broken up. we all used 2 do like everything 2geda {shopping, slacking, eating, eating out, broadway shopping, movie watching, cute-guy-detection…lol…etc} it just didnt feel right dat she’s going and probably never coming back again. It’s like famous 5 being split. hopefully we’d be able to still connect and become fantastic 4, but it’s never gonna be complete without her. I mean she’s 1 of da nicest people on earth! with an amazing person. if i shud start describin her i’ll write a million pages. Anyhow we r gonna miss her so so much.
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