Pre-ordered my Harry Potter & da half blood prince 2 day   {i wonder why i didnt do it earlier}. Anyways students, hot discount @ ANGUS & ROBERTSONS.
Oh yeah Yusra and Sumi came over. I did Sumi’s hair. It took quite a long time…but it was worth it…watched spongebob…again…watched Bride and Prejudice….again…but it was all fun.
Yusra left like 8;30-ish. Mustapha and NAsser came over….Double trouble, dats what they r!
Scribbling stuff on ma door huh? then tearing it up and giggling behind ma back? Anyways had to go to Caltex and still tryna figure out why these dudes were cracking up…walking 2 da car i realise i was still wearing ma warm and cosy and fluffy baby blue house slippers!!! Aaaaaaargh!!! i went out in public with ma fluffies!!! 
If it was um…u know…LV or sthin then yeah, but i got these from "spendless shoes"!!! Even worse! maybe sum1 saw and is like…"hmmm…isn’t dat Fati? and isn’t dat those shoes on 50% off display in Spendless shoes?" hhehehe
 . Oky, dat was embarrassing! and they were laughing at mi :(…honestly i cudn’t get outta da car! Gosh u’d never know who is passing by! and fluffies do NOT look good with Deep blue jeans!    
Anyways, we all watched Desperate Housewives! Honestly, i hate CARLOS!!! He is such a JERK!
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