*sigh* i guess i wokeup on da wrong side of da bed…{ there’s only 1 possible side 2 get off …bla who cares}. S’posed 2 go shopping @ Westfield Carousel with Hamida Novakovich…FUN.
Anyway for da 1st time in 3 weeks, i actually had breakfast!!! infact i actually woke up b4 10am .
Got on da bus {yeah, i’m a regular commuter…and lovin it} got to da train Station, waited patiently for about 15 mins 4 da Armadale train so i can get to Cannington. Then, dat annoying lady voice goes "Passengers to Armadale ….yadda…yadda…..train stops at every stop except Cannington!     . Fine i accepted dat, had 2 go back 2 Esplanade 😦 .
Basically it was fun but da best bit was dat i ate Charcoal Chicken….hehehehe  [nya nya nya nana] {oh enuff of da childishness}.
Now Hamida N believes dat crazy stuff always happen 2 mi
dat reminds me i better call Hamida O!
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