Life is so good…and it’s getting better

Oky out of curiousity and anxiety, i desperately needed to check ma results and oh,they’re not gonna be out until 12 July. BUT, many ppl dont know dat there is still a way to find out if u passed   or failed   …uh huh Fatima Bukar has a way! …and it’s not psychic {Russol, take note}. Ask and i’ll tell ya. Well Alhamdulilah i passed ’em all    . At least now i can cruise happily thru da remainder of da holiday! I guess i wasn’t a total dunce this 1st semester.
  A bit too sleepy to write anything reasonably long….  
It’s cos i went out with Yuhana and then with Yusra & Raufa been a really busy day, but da good thing is i saw da movie  "SISTERHOOD OF DA TRAVELLING PANTS" so sad. i can’t remember da last time i cried so much for a movie….maybe Kal ho naa ho. I wanna go to da mosque {William street Masjid} tomorrow so i better sleep now if i wanna wake up b4 lunch time.  I’ve got a lot to be thankful for and i havent been to juma’a 4 a while now…so i’ll be there tomorrow, hopefully i’ll be able 2 see aunty Aisha  …..    
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3 Responses to Life is so good…and it’s getting better

  1. Lauren says:

    thanx for lettin me no!! argghhh :(is that where is says how many credit points uv achieved – iv only got 18!! that means i failed chem =( *sob sob*

  2. Fåtímå says:

    Yeah that\’s da place…awww Lauren. I\’m so sorry. but u can\’t be sure u failed it. Check da place dat says ur status

  3. Fåtímå says:

    salaamthis is the coolest space i have ever seenkeep it up sister!

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