Heylo ma ppl………………..
Haven’t written in this thing since forever…( ma fans, don’t worry i’m ok!)     
I’ve been so busy doing absolutely nothing…I’m becoming a lazy couch potatoe  
    Went to Perth City Masjid. {i walked from da city, hehe} honestly i dunno wats wrong with me these days. I walk everywhere!   Of course i went there for juma’a, wat else? I met Aunty Maryam, she was ok. Oh u shud’ve heard da sermon! {dat kind wa’azi wey dey shake body!}
Had Bubble Tea and a great lunch @ Insan’s . Nothing good on TV friday.*sigh* watched a naija movie "Windfall" It’s great! u gotta watch it!
@ Mustapha: u only brought 1 cd 4 da part 2  
  Went Ice skaing with Yuhana to Mirrabooka Skaters On Ice. Of course it was fun, especially cos i hadn’t gone there since April. Shah joined later. afterwards, had lunch and did some shopping @ da mirrabooka mall and had to sprint cos we almost missed da bus! aaaargh. It was fun though.
  I did absolutely nothing on Sunday! just eat-sleep-eat-sleep. I can’t believe i am getting this lazy! anyways, out of sheer guilty conscience, i decided to take a long walk through Hamden Road, Monash ave, and Kings park. *Phew* that was a relief.
I got sick of the food i’ve been eating 4 da past 6 months! Since i came to this place i have gained 3 kilos! imagine that! if i shud stay in this place 1 more year i think i’d qualify for a heavy weight Sumo wrestler {Oky maybe that was a slight exaggeration}. And  If there’s one thing i detest, it’s repitition! routines! timetables! cycles!  . In order to prevent maself from being angry or blowing up. Sha and I decided to go to Cannington Carousel Halal shop to buy goodies! Kongit and Raufa tagged along. it was fun
Dats da low down of my so very boring weeked. But it’s oky. What’s important is that i’m healthy and Smiling      
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