Yay!!! Got myHP and the 1/2 blood prince 10:40-ish yesterday. I cud’ve gone at 7:01 when it came out, but sleep is my number 1 priority! Honestly, i think this book 6 is kinda scary!      i had to drop it at night to prevent nightmares!  
    Went Stationery shopping yesterday, Uni starts tomorrow   *sigh* back 2 da bookies, i have to organise maself today.
Oh well, i’m s’posed 2 go out later…some naija person having a barbecue, going with Hamidah and Gloria and maybe Anne.
Goddess week starts 2day….Goddess….just when i thought Peganism was extinct…but i guess this is just about boosting u self esteem and stuff like that.
I’m kinda happy uni is starting soon, cos that means i would no more be a lazy slacker and i’ll have to be waking up at 7 cos i gat 8:00 lectures, Annie isn’t coming back on Tuesday  . 1st days of school r always less stressful with Annie around. *sigh* {Anyway girl enjoy Sultan’s birthday}.
Anne;s coming 2 pick me up soon so i’d better go dress up
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