First day of 2nd semester…i can’t believe it, da holidays flew by so fast. i found maself wandering around da deserted uni…grrrr…Annie wasn’t back yet i had 2 settle all these stuff maself…o make matters worse i had a zit on ma nose!!! What the… i never ever get Zits! where did that come from? it cudn’t have been from an increase in ma chocolate intake…maybe it was…blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa who cares anayways!
2nd Day, Annie came back! and well since i’m her "mother  , i had to take her to Queen Eliz. II hospital for MBC lab. That is torture man!  I mean how do they expect us to apparate from Octagon theatre to QEII in 15 mins huh? i mean we poor commuterz! If they gave us high powered jetpacks…then yeah it’ll be cool…but since this is reality…not the Jetson’s it means that we have to go all da way by foot/bus/car! 
  Well da faculty shudn’t blame any1 for being late!   …..Glad i got that outta ma mind. 


First weeks r usually hectic…i’m not feling too well  , but well, i can manage.
I’m addicted to tv show HOUSE!!!   i guess now that there is no OC and Desperate Housewives{as in season’s over}, i gotta stick to some show. besides, HOUSE is like revising for a human biology exam on TV, that makes it cooler! Hugh Laurie is great.
*yawn* I’ll write later, Wallahi these days i’m becoming…rather slack….
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One Response to *sigh*

  1. death says:

    Hello…I happened to be stalking everyone on MSN, and I so happen to find your Beautiful blog…So dont mind me, just wanna say, Good Luck for ur New Semester, Dont stress, U have been a great pal and a great Mother to everyone. C U …Shani

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