Breaking News

    We interupt this program to bring u an important newsflash…..{no i did not just break ma toe nail…no, i didn’t audition for Idol   :P….No, i don’t have a giant zit in da middle of ma forehead  …no i havent been arrested for excessive consumption of Skittles}  …Far from that my friend. Well da news isn’t too big. take it as i just wasted ur time and made u check my blog!     
Oky seriously there is news. I just found out that I am related to Fakeera Al-Amin. weird huh? cos that means i’m related to Jahan Tijanni, Farida Tj, Zahraddeen Tj, Samirah Tj, Balo….etc etc i can’t believe it. 

it’s a small world after all

  It’s such a small world! All that unnecessary beef for nothing! hehehe, well this means that noone shud mess with ma pple! if u pick on ’em u gon have me to answer to! don’t bring mi no gossip about Jahan or Fakeera or else….just don’t do it!   

2nd news, some 1 has messed with my twin sis! she has been annoyed, she has been pushed beyond her limits!   Just cos i’m not around doesn’t mean u shud go around annoying ma twin cos when she’s angry, i’m angry and when i’m angry my fan club{immaginary} is angry and when ma fan club is angry ur gonna be sorry!   
@ Fatibunny, haba, don’t worry kinji? everything wud be ok in da end kinji? it’s not da end of da world. No matter what, kinsan me and Sa’a are gon be there for u. Kawai ki kwanter da hankalinki. InshaAllah it’ll come to pass.  ~*Twinnie*~
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One Response to Breaking News

  1. Hasana says:

    fateez kenan! alwayz gat sumthn to say, dats y i like u. gurl, i\’ve missed u sooo much.where u been? long time. Nywayz,just thot i\’d drop in to holla at 1 of ma fave. ttyl,<a href=\’\’ target=\’_blank\’><img src=\’\’ alt=\’Kisses\’ border=0></a>

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