Heylo ma gud ppl!
Long time no blog  
It’s cos i have been so preoccupied these days.
Last weekend…
Yeah Saturday was booooring but sunday:
went 2 South Beach in fremantle for a barbeque   with da Freo muslims. isn’t that cool? every1 was there: Munira, The Dashlooty’s, Nada, Omar, Othman, Malik {my God he’s so tall now!}, Adam, Lubna, Aunty Khadija, Aunty Aisha, Aunty Fatma, lil Ayouba,  other pple i don’t know them la,then Salma and Hikima all da way from Sydney!   hmm….see as I siddon  4 mat, cross leg : "Don’t let good food pass u by"       chop food till I belle full! {oky maybe just mustad’a’a}.Walks on the beach, The strong sea breeze {Dr. Fremantle}, the beautiful Horizon, the smell of burning steak….ahhhh paradise…well except for Nada and Hikima arguing whether   Quidam Cirque du Soleil was better than The Lion King Play. Went to the freo markets {with Lubna, Nada, Hikma, Salma} yeah some traditional shopping wud be da best way to top up da day. bought stuff, went to ee NAda’s new house – {oh did i tell ya she’s working now?} yup ma girl is a full time Electrical engineer with western power renewable energy, got her car  , her house   and just returned from a 2 month holiday in Morrocco!   da girl has made it in life man! {PS b4 u go into Nada’s car, make sure u know how to recite kalmatu shahadah and ayatul kursiy, they might come n handy} went to dinner @ hotbox   ate until late and came back. we shud do that every weekend! Watched a new hindi movie Yakeen with Priyanka Chopra & Arjun Rampal {he’s soooo goood} great movie i tell ya. it’s more of drama than lovi-lovi. u must see it
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