Heylo my precious beings,  
How’z ya’ll doing? Hmmm, don’t ask mi. Mi head is spinning right now. Nowadays i barely have time to even Logon to msn, let alone blog.
I’ll give yeah a low down of life so far.
  1. Katz ball is nxt week…do I have what to wear? YEAH! well actually no, i haven’t got my shoes yet. Once again, last minute shopping has 2 save da day.  
  2. Why haven’t i bought my shoes u ask? cos i have been busy either studying or watching tv. most of da time it’s study though  
  3. PRIYA won Taylors College Ball Ice Queen! yay!!! U go girl!! I know u’d always represent!
  4. I’ve had da most Moody time in da last too weeks…well not moody moody, just plain old grumpy.
  5. Every1’s on holiday, well not here, naija ppl. They’re so lucky.My Family’s on holiday and they r having fun. boohoohoo….  
  6. Mama sent mi & mustapha some really really nice trad clothes. Thanx
  7. Hafsy D sent mi naija & Hausa movies! Thanx a bunch girl, ur da best *big hug*
  8. Gloria relaxed my hair {aka my lion’s mane} now it’s all nice and comb-able. but i know it’s only gonna be this good for a coupla weeks, then it’s back 2 my mufasa hair *sigh*    
  9. seriously, my chem 102 lecturer looks like he wears mascara. Yup i can spot l’oreal from afar! weird! either he wears extra artificial eyelashes, or it’s mascara magic  
  10. more later la, right now can’t remember.
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3 Responses to .:.

  1. Esther says:

    u are one sick girl!!!!!

  2. Fåtímå says:

    FATIMAAAA…t crazy nigerian lol. Matthew Piggott wears mascara?

  3. Russol says:

    he doesn;t does he fatima??

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