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Special delivery

    Yup, make that a double baby! . You got it right! Addition in da family! Aunty Zuwaira (Goggo) yeah she just gave birth…actually a week ago. lil baby girl, Aliya, yeah another Aliya in da family. Allah ya jikan … Continue reading

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  AAAAARRRGGGGHHH!!! u cudn’t be angrier than i am right now! i wrote like the longest blog ever and them….boom it diappeared  . Oh well, i tried i just can’t write anything that long again. man must sleep  

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R ^ I ^ P

[. 22:66.]   He is the One who granted you life, then He puts you to death, then He brings you back to life. Surely, the human being is unappreciative.   Everyone who knew Maimuna [1985 – 2005], knew she was a … Continue reading

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