R ^ I ^ P

[. 22:66.]   He is the One who granted you life, then He puts you to death, then He brings you back to life. Surely, the human being is unappreciative.
Everyone who knew Maimuna [1985 – 2005], knew she was a very sweet and understanding person. A beautiful personality that has left us with priceless memories. InshaAllah, we’d never forget u.
Her death has come wth both goodnews and badnews. Death itself is badnews, but goodnews is, She said her Kalmat Shahadah before she died. InshAllah u shall be rewarded for all ur kindness and good deeds.
Our circle of friends wud never be complete :Me, Maryam, Zuweina, Alya, Noora, Lubna, Buthayna, Helena, Sophia, Ijay, Hasna, Sumayya, Nihal, Marwa, Huda, the guys etc. We r gonna miss u so much.
Also, i just found out Kauran Daura [hakimin borai] is dead too. Yeah that’s Aunty Hauwa’s Father-In-law. [AbdulKAreem’s grandpa] may his soul rest in peace. Allah ya jikansu.
The Al-Masiry’s, I’m sorry 2 hear abt ur cousin too, take heart guys, i know it isn’t easy.
As Humans, we are not even sure of our tomorrow, the only thing we are sure of is Birth and Death, it’s up to us not to mess up what’s in between.
A million words won’t bring u back. I know that cos i have tried. A million tears wont bring u back, i know that cos i have cried… 
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One Response to R ^ I ^ P

  1. Russol says:

    I\’m sorry Tima :(this is why you seem so sad eh?! inshallah she\’ll be in janatul firdose 🙂

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