Special delivery

Yup, make that a double baby!
You got it right! Addition in da family!
Aunty Zuwaira (Goggo) yeah she just gave birth…actually a week ago. lil baby girl, Aliya, yeah another Aliya in da family. Allah ya jikan Aliyar baba magaji. always in our hearts. thats one more cousin.    
Next…Aisha Tasi’u Kaura! yeah da 1 and only Illallo! yay! U go girl! I’m truly proud of ya!  She got a baby boy! No name yet. That’s 1 more nephew{Omigosh I have lost count}
Allah ya raya…amin.  
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One Response to Special delivery

  1. Aisha says:

    congrats girl,it gets excitin dsnt it:)especially with the nephews and nieces:)well has your nephew finally gotten a name?stay blessed girl and ramadan kareem:)muah

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