Da Exterminatorz

Can u believe it? it’s week 12 already? exams   r so close i cud almost taste it. nyways, Ramadan Kareem   to the ppl i havent spoken to for a while. hope everything is going on well 4 ya’ll….infact i hope ur rmadan is better than mine!! Don’t get mi started on how bad it my iftars (buda-baki) have been. This is da 1st ramadan i’m spending away from my family and it’s turning out to be da worst…I’m so moving out nxt yr man!!!
Anyways weekend ws Ok,
Started on my MBC publication/project thing on saturday, Shani and i decided to go to the biol library.   pretty boring {as expected}. Met Wani, Wan Li, JAne and Fahad, anyways they seemed to be in study mood so no time to tlk much  . finished whatever i needed to do and came back home. the weather was sooo hot so i decided to open my windows . a while later i heard buzzing noises, huh? what kinda fly is dat it sou nds too loud, i turn around!! OH NO, THAT ain’t no fly, that’s a BEE,   AAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHHHHH… u all know i have this phobia for insects, especially flying ones!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP. quickly called Shani. I’m, not exaggerating, it took nothing less than 20 mins to kill the blasted insect! and all dwhile 3 more bees were outside the window,       as if watching to come in and attack us da moment thaey got the chance. Anyways thanx shani! i’d never open my nettings again  
Sunday, yeah had to go to med library cos it seemed like everything i need 4 ma project is in there.   Annie came over, did some work with shani. And as if i knew, Annie and i went to broadway to get kebabs. just as i had predicted, dinner was absolutely nonsense.
I mean alhamdulilah that i even have what to eat cos other ppl are suffering, but honestly, if i knew da food was gonna be this bad i’d rather donate the money to da needy, at least someone else uses it wisely. At first it was good but it’s declined soo much! How am i supposed to eat steamed rice and steamed brocolli, cauliflower, and carrots alone 4 dinner?         no flavor? no spices? not even salt for crying out loud!! do i look like akuya   to them? Ok if to say da food was cheap then yeah maybe i can manage but we bloody paid $7/meal for that man!!$7 and we get sthn worth $2? I cud use the same amount of money to get a decent meal at insan’s or even cafe karache!   i reallly think residential colleges suck big time! I was so mad on sunday u cud see da steam boiling off ma head! Seriously, even 9 yr old Abba can cook better than them: at least he makes perfect indomie!!
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3 Responses to Da Exterminatorz

  1. NICOLE says:

    How come u can only eat those steam food for dinner?????! so poor………………….. Bless u ^^

  2. Fåtímå says:

    hi mummy, still afraid of insects hahahaha, sorry about brocolli and cauliflower, lets go to Nandos or Makan makan next weekend ok?

  3. death says:

    Oh…dont too upset Fatima…I know it is really though being away from ur family, and eating lousy food, tolerating with all these non-sense we have in college…Life is just like that when U are in another country, with another kind of culture, and with people of different attitudes…It ll never be like home…Nothing can ever compare to home… It is sad…even myself I went through it…tolerate with these rubbish ever since last yr…seriously having Brocholli and Cauli flower every single day… really the same thing… and it is not only that… they Are really really soft…like as if it is to be given to those with mental retardation… and unable to chew or swallow…What I learnt… is dont get upset… get even… I bought my own oyster sauce…and poured it over the over-boiled food…in front of them…they just simply got the message and guess what… they started using oyster sauce for everything…literally…even pies…YUCKS…Sigh…I dont know if they are stupid or something… What I can suggest to U is…Whenever U eat that pile of garbage in front of U…IMAGINE…INSAN\’S CAFE…and U can make ur brain think as if…Nasi Bryani is really infront of U….HAHA… hope it works…Cheer Up…Shani

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