Finally after month and months of anticipation I’m finally here!
U know, there;s  been a lotta jumpiung hugging, sreaming, and tons of oh-my-God u’ve-grown-fatters, but da 2biggest surprises i gat were; 1, the new house, what can i saw, ?WOW!!! it’s so beautiful, mum did such a good job! well done!. 2, Kabir’s height! last time i saw this dude, he was 0.5 cm shorter than i was, but noiw he’s a whole jump ahead of me! last time he checked he was 5 ft 10. makes me look more like a dwarf *sob*.
Hope ya’ll have a good summer. Thanx SHa for helping me out, i apprec8. Get well soon Russol, Shan dont kill ur dog, Jee-(jaji) grrrrrrrrrrrrr no comment. i’ll send ya’ll my new number when i get it Ok? Happy Holidays
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4 Responses to *sigh*

  1. Esther says:

    Girl ur my SISTER and u didnt tell me u were home!!!!!!!WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im still here a few days to go till d-day (departure day heehheehehehehehehe)Nway have tonnes of fun sister of mine and don\’t forget me as we will be apart from each other for so long!!!!!!!!!! Hey still your dvds…you still ahve mine we will meet our babies back here nxt yrLove u Happy new year and may God bless u

  2. Fåtímå says:

    awww es, i\’m really really really sorry, i changed my departure date last minute, my parents wanted me home asap cos sthn came up. i hope u have fun too, happy hols, i\’ll have lots of goss for ya nxt yr 😉

  3. Russol says:

    heya!! i can\’t believe ure gone 😦 didnt even get to see you before you went 😦 man i can\’t believe i was that sick!! but im feeling better now 🙂 i can do things now hehehave fun back home hun!!! ill be leavingin exactly 2 weeks !! ill let u know when the offers come out :p (i probably wont get it but):D

  4. linda says:

    hi fatima…good to know that u r finally back home!:) well my dear, enjoy the much-needed break! we all know that we deserved it!! hehe…btw, i saw salam namastee on VCD last night..hehehe..finally it\’s out on VCD! okie dokie, catch up with u soon, ya…stay healthy and safe! *hugs* maslinda

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