~*BlOoDy PhYsIoLoGy*~

What? I’m not swearing! I mean it literally, Monday’s Physiology was bloody! errrr, maybe that was because we had to work on our own blood! {which i say is totally wrong} to make matters worse, da book i’m reading a vampire book!   anyways, dats da least of ma problems. Nat is sick {has been for da past 2 weeks {Get well soon girl!}   So i have had  to get a new lab partner….and somehow, fate decided to give me a crazy blonde dat has a PHOBIA FOR NEEDLES!!!!!   Meaning all da blood we needed for the lab had to come from {yup, u guesed it} Poor old Me! She left me to do all da work and i was da one dat had to get dizzy   cos of all da piercing and blood collecting {oh, da self pity}
Anyways, apart from dat, i guess it was a fairly easy and very interesting lab. Now i know how to test ppls blood! {isn’t dat cool?} Oh b4 i forget, God bless Fahad!!!  , if it wasn’t for dat dude, i wud’ve failed da physio lab! He jabbed my hand for me to get da blood all da time. That guy is a God send oh and Kendall too, those 2 are good. I was feeling rather guilty cos i finished abt an hour b4 time and they were both struggling, styed back 2 help em a little tho. {wat? i was jst returning a favour!}  
Tuesday was Faith Fair day and i was feeling so sick i cudn’t stay there for more than 15 mins, da sun  , scorching heat    , da noise, da grass, i jst had to get away!   s’posed to get some sleep, but went off 2 da city with Annie to collect my new mobile phone {uh huh}  hehehe. got what we needed, we promised ourselves we wudn’t go shopping, I quote "We are only gonna peep into Myer, cos Annie doesn’t know how Dolce and Gabanna’s Light blue smells. We’d just sniff it, check da swatch section and leave."     Yeah Right! Perfume section i spotted "I love love" by Moschino buy one get one free. Did i buy it? Are you kidding? I was with Annie! 2 die hard shoppaholics! of course we got it- and da very last one too, we were lucky! it smells so nice and da value’s awesome {what? I’m not gonna tell ya how much my perfume costs 😛 find out 4 yaself!}. Got a bunch of movies from blockbuster {like every tuesday}, Did my biochem prelab {Thanx Shani!} and now here i am, 1/2 asleep….
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2 Responses to ~*BlOoDy PhYsIoLoGy*~

  1. Alchemist says:

    EWWW NEEDLES!!!! I hate them too! But dhe shouldn\’t have ditched you to do by yourself though. Anyways cool space

  2. NICOLE says:

    wow~ Long time haven\’t drop by here! Glad to hear everything is going well with u~ Yeah!! Since last time I met u in school, I miz ya very much~ Hope I will c u soon around school!
    Enjoy ur weekend~ ^^

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