So i had like da most annoying week ever {excessive uni work, what else?  }   And da best way to celebrate da end of a hectic week is catching with good old friends over a plate of hot nasi goreng pataya and Kari ayam mmmmmmmhhhmmm. Friday afternoon, Annie, Edwin, Kenny Chong, Debbie and I met up for lunch at Insan’s cafe. Dat waz da 1st tie we did that since September 2004, so long la!! Miss dem so much la!


Saturday was homesickness day.   Woke up extra early{as in earlier than usual} with a seriously intense craving for Koko n kosai! Yeah I know I have issues, but I seriously miss home! I miss my family, My twinnie, Sa’adatu, my cousins, my “children”, my baby {muax}, my house, carefree lifestyle and I definitely miss good fooood!


Maybe Sunday was to make up for a bad Saturday. Me and da girls went to see the empire o dance belly dance live show!  ! My gosh it was superb! Tres magnifique, tre bien! Tres joli! {enuff with da French} just get da idea, it was fantastic! And now I wanna belly dance!!! It’s da coolest dance ever! I have been to other belly dancing events b4 {flashback 18th birthday} But this was by far da coolest one ever, infact I can’t even describe it, just buy ur tickets next time! Da 1 I enjoyed da most was da fire dance, I know it was like rituals and juju, but it was so coordinated and organized. Dem try no be small!

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