~*_ G.r.A.d.U.a.T.i.O.n_*~

   Yes, as most of ya’ll know, it’s Grad season in UWA! well considering i don’t have many final year friends, i wasn’t really involved. But, there were a few special pple: Raihanaty, Raha, Shila, Diana, Veena etc. Anyways, Just wanna wish ya’ll da best future. U have all passed the danger zone da rest of da journey shud InshaAlah be a piece of cake, and i wish you good luck in all da challenges you would face in the wider world!
Went out on Saturday, Raha’s going back to Singapore (for good) so we all went out to dinner. We being: Me, Raha, Sofiah, Sha, Nas, Nisa, Diana, Veena, Sarah, Phelicia, Diana, Aida, Ross, Deska, Yuhana, Audrey. Anyways we went to dinner at Northbridge Old Shanghai. Da food was a bit Xp, but i tell ya it was worth it. I never knew they even had halal restaurnts there! Halal indian, chinese and malay cuisine.   
Anyways, it’s so sad Raha is going, Def gonna miss her. But we’re still happy for yu all da same! Best of luck babes!

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One Response to ~*_ G.r.A.d.U.a.T.i.O.n_*~

  1. NICOLE says:

    I stayed in school till 6 sth yesterday n saw all the ppl dresses so nice, of course including those graduates. Suddenly felt very moved……… Dunno when will be our graduation!? hahahaha ^^

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