~*Da Low down*~

Hey my wittle pwecious Bloggy Woggy! {Eeeee, was i just being mushy with my blog} Ok, pretend i didnt jst write that. Happy Maulud Everyone except Kabir: Dude, why did u have to call me rub it in?} he kept on going on about hawan Sallah and all da food Grrrrrrrrrrr! Ibrahim,we must take action. Holidays Or should i say "holidays". Can u believe these people! They say we’ve got Easter Holidays right? last time i checked holiday meant a break from work and time to be used for leisure activities! UWA must have a very different dictonary cos if u see the workload we have piled up for the 10 days hols, u’d wish we just had classes.

Been studying most of the holiday, mostly Anatomy stuff, i’ve heard scary stories about the anatomy pass rate last year, i don’t wanna take chances. Went to Annie’s place on Good Friday with Sha n Jee and i got to cook! yeah first time i cooked since January. {Eh, it’s not my fault ok?} Jee and Annie helped out, Did i hear u ask about Sha? She can’t even boil rice to save her life {lil exaggeration there} but she’s very gd with da dishes {Thanx Girlz} Ummmm, rice, stew, sweet potatoes, prawn,….Gooood Food! Something we don’t get very often, rite Katz girls? Finished cooking at 10pm, Had a really good meal and watched Into The Blue {Nothing Digests good food like A scoop of PAUL WALKER} May i mention dat i slept 30 mins into da movie {It’s not my fault! it was da food!}

Meanwhile, Back in Naija, The Bukar family is celebrating A very special wedding!. yeah da long awaited Jamila and Magaji’s wedding finally took place. I have my own opinion…but what to do la, wish them a very very happy married life and many cute little nieces and nephews for me. {Jamzy wud kill me if she saw this} it’s so painful tha every1 is there and having fun without us. *sigh* What hurts me da most is that I was supposed to be in the ‘yan matan amarya! {English: Bridal Train} and it wud’ve been da first time i ever did that in my life. so sad. I got da of da whole thing from my very reliable agent *wink* *wink* Sadiq Poor Guy, He’s writing his finals now! he missed out too….at da same time i’m not 100% happy with him, Firstly cos he hasn’t sms me since 4eva! {Haba Sadiq!} Then also because of this little boy, i MIGHT have to cancel my holiday plans! i know it sucks! If he’s coming here to school in July, then i can’t go anyhere during the 1 month july break holiday. All my plans 2 go 2 either UK or Melbourne have been shattered Thanx a lot Bro. But seriously, can’t u just wait until january? take a break man! u just finished waec! Chillax mana! Ur choice though. Oh b4 i 4get, u remember all my cute little emoticons? they disappeared! for some strange reason the toolbar is gone! n i’m so upset, so now i jst have to be using htmls hope u like it?

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3 Responses to ~*Da Low down*~

  1. Fåtímå says:

    Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeema! you missed out! Maulud was da bom! I saw Kabir too! lol he was having fun. poor u

  2. Fåtímå says:

    cute pics!

  3. Fåtímå says:

    hey girl how u? too bad you miss out, don\’t worry ShaAllah fun is in december. u know what i mean ai

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