~ ~ Katz BushDance ~ ~

Yeah I knw i’m a bit late with this one, i’m suffering from self induced insomnia. But i sure had a good time! anyways, i hope ya’ll r doing good.
Saddles, haystacks, flannel Shirts, wool, spinning wheels & branding
metals? This is not a remake of Brokeback mountain, It’s da annual
Kat’z bushdance. Five hours of nothing but sincere appreciation of
real australian culture. I’ve been looking 4ward 2 this event since
11:00pm on da nite it ended last year, so imagine how happy i was.
Da band: Mucky Duck. Country Music! {I know i used to hate country
music, but that changed last yr. If u know how to dance to it, then
it’s actually almost da best dance ever! Dinner wasn’t so good tho,
and somehow topic of discussions revolved around constipation,. Talk
about random.
Of course, nothing is complete without ma ever so crazy girlfriends!
Mas, Jee, Sha, Shani, Pheli, Lauren & all my other xtra speshy girlz
and guy *turn around* Hello Adam 😛
u guys put the F in F-U-N. But don’t let dat get to ur head, ur still
crappy dancers 😛 hehehehe. YEah and there was some issue with Marylin
Manson and toilets…lets not go there, i just ate. And poor sleeping
Beauty pricked her finger on the spindle of the spinning wheel and
waited for prince charming…she waited…and waited…and waited…
"OH dat darn Charming! With the technology 2day he shud’ve at least
txted! Grrrrrrrr!
But the highlight of da night was R-E-V-E-N-G-E. Yes, we finally did it!
Gone are the days when we sit back and let our asses be exploited! No,
seriously! Remember when Sha always used to take unexpected pictures of
ppls butt’s without their knowledge, and the next ur going thru her Blog
and u’ll be like "hehehehe, that’s some ugly butt"Hang on, are those my
jeans? GRRRRRRRR! SHAAAAA! But not anymore,we cornered & bullied
 the little stalker and Took photos of her almost non-existent butt being
branded. {IT’s all luv girl} da photos crazy, they’re just best described as
 hilarious, especially da captions. Thanx Pheli!
Generally it was a very exhausting, but Fun night and i’m still looking
4ward 2 next year’s. Hopefully my dancing partner wud be able to get her
act right next time *cough* *cough* ‘Ola Fernando"
Ned Fatima Kelly {pffft}

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One Response to ~ ~ Katz BushDance ~ ~

  1. Fåtímå says:

    Ummi B. ya dai?this is the first time i check your space and it is beautiful. You are doing a good job. You people are always having fun,ko? Ope you re doing fine. miss you.

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