…*…Another Fatima Moment…*…

Friday night, book-shopping at borders
Fatima:: Hey Annie, dat hair looks familiar
Annie:: huh?
Fatima:: Isn’t dat Lynn?
Annie:: Oh yeah it is.
Fatima:: LYNN!!!
Annie:: shhhh!
Fatima:: LYNN!!!
Annie:: She can’t hear you!
Fatima:: Right, watch this!
*Runs as fast as her body fat would allow her and snatches Lynn’s handbag*
Fatima:: Hey gimme dat!
Lynn:: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!….*paww* (slaps da thief’s arm)……(10 seconds later)…….Ummm, Fatima!!!??
Fatima:: See! I got her attention! Ouch!! Lynn dat hurt!!!
Lynn:: U scared me!!!
Annie:: Fatima u crazy person! I dont know you!
Moral of da story:*: when you are trying to grab the attention of your friend whilst book-shopping, never attempt to be a handbag snatcher as this may lead to immense pain in the fore arm because when it comes to stolen handbags, UWA girls have very sharp reflexes!
Also, da victim may experience temporary shock induced alzheimers (TSIA) and might not recognise you and would end up handing you in to the security. Then you’re history. Winona Ryder might have got away, but nobody really cares about you! 😛 Unlucky!  
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One Response to …*…Another Fatima Moment…*…

  1. Jeeana/Jee/Jeean says:

    Body fat?????U nkjdnkjndsjdc, what body fat? Im feeling eurhhh
    Im goin im going im goin im goin im goin im goin im goooone!!!

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