Friday Friday Friday

  chain to pendant, bracelet to charm,
woke up this morning to a fire alarm!  
Study now, study now, test’s starting soon  
   or just take a nap cos da test is at noon!
Leave now, leave now, u’d get there on time,  
   Just wait till i memorize da bloody enzyme!
Test is good, test was good, I should be able to pass,  
  Well it depends, does everyone else suck in pharm class?  
A peek here, a peek there, but do not go shopping  
   Guess sale here, Gucci frenzy there, Honey are you kidding?
  12 dumbells, 10 jumping jacks, moderate exercise
30 minutes weights, 60 minutes cardio, now that wud be wise!      
  Early to bed, early to wake, you seem pretty tired
annoying rhymes to waste my time, just what i aspired!   
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