[+] … Goodbye … Welcome … [+]

  it was a basketful of mixed emotions…Happy at da fact that i’d get to see my dear friends for da first time in 3 months but at da same time, sad at da reality that uni has started and somewhat indifferent about da whole atmosphere. Whenever uni starts, i feel as if i’m exiting da world for a while. Feels like i am giving up a chunk of my happiness to this monster and in return, it tortures me with sleepless nites, horrendous labs, excruciating exams, sinister lecturers  . Feels like a cell in da cell cycle, like i’m entering a Go (G knot) phase of quiescence. Exiting da main cycle in February and returning to it in November! lets hope that my cyclins and cdks are dependable enough and wud phosphorylate appropriately to get me to november where i wud exit this phase…  
  First day at uni…I guess there’s a bright side. 2 bright sides…firstly, i get Prof. Don Robertson! My granpa in physiology! He sure seemed happy to see us all. Fingers crossed i’d get him for labs…he’s like da best physiology lecturer. Also, ths is my final year!!!!!! Workforce here i come! Make way!!! But first things first, lemme get this thing over and done with… as our dear Sofiah Jamil said, "Enjoy uni while u can, worklife is so mundane". Miss You Sof!!!  
It’s really interesting to observe da freshers (freshmen, that is). They seem so happy, so interested, and so eager to go to lectures and labs. Esp da bmed ones. They pounce out of nowhere and bombard you with questions. "Erm, excuse me, please do you know da way to the Wilsmore lecture theatre?" "Dyu know da CMS building?" "Wheres da geology building?" "Where’s Woolnough". It’s nice to see da looks of gratitude on their high school faces… but maine! they’re a bit too HYPER!!! i just smile and say to myself "You poor little naive, conniving brats! You have no idea what’s in store for you! Just wait till uni week 12 then you can come back to me and i’ll happily prescribe Prozac and a bunch of other antidepressants." All da best tho… 🙂
What succeeded in making monday extra depressing was da thunderstorm. Yeah i know! a thunderstorm in da middle of summer? Yup. And here’s da fun part, lightning struck at uni!     Poor Chantel. Took refuge under a verandah from da rain and… KAZOOM…i think if i was there, i wudve passed out!. B4 i stepped out, I thought right, since its da first day of uni, i might as well make an effort to look pretty, so i took out my brand new not-blue and not-exactly-lapis silk and wool Pashmina. (Yup i still luv my pashies :)). It was bad enuff dat i got soaked from my jeans hem to my knees! then my poor hair!!!   apart from my pashmina being soaked, my hair got wet too, and as expected…Frizzzzzzzzzzzz!!!   Plus gel from my hair stained da scarf…..grrrr
I never knew i was this scared of lightning and thunder. It was so loud. Dunno when tears tarted running from my eyes. Words cannot even estimate da kind of fear inflicted on me by da storm.   As i ran from shelter to shelter on my way back home, all that was in my mind was fear that da moment i stepped into da rain, lightning wud strike me and i kept on repeating the kalmat Shahadah.   over and over again….and oh guess what? 30 minutes after that storm…it was all nice, bright, and reallly hot again……….    
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