~*Uni Schmuni..I dont care!!! *~

How’s everyone doing? Good i hope, maybe even better than me. Life has been tough in da past few weeks. Ever since uni started, i have only had time to brush, take multiple cold showers, pray and eat. Everything else seems rather trivial considering da amount of uni work i have to do. I’m not eating well…I’m not sleeping….at all…. Anyways, i’ll let you in on da 411…
  1. I HAVE TO GIVE A SEMINAR ON FRIDAY: I guess this is da scariest thing on my mind right now. I’m good at speaking to people generally, but when it requires going up there with a microphone and powerpoint to teach my fellow students including lecturers and pHD guests and…..*faints*.   What am I gonna do? Makes me remember at yaya zum zum’s wedding when i was suddenly called upon to make a speech because they were "short of speakers". Man!! they really caught me unawares! I was damn scared! especially when they told me i had to talk in hausa. Dont get me wrong, I speak good hausa (excellent if i must say…hehe) but i always have slips of english getting in. Bottomline twas really hard talkin in fron of 300 guests, but i did it! So InshaAllah, da seminar would be alright….I hope.    
  2. I havent been missing home as much as before. I’m probably a bit too busy to cry over it (which is a good thing considering i’m now in my twenties!) Although I keep getting flashbacks and dreams of scenes during da holidays. I really had a good holiday, Thanx to someone…  and some people. Can’t wait to go home…but first things first…finish uni! I just realised da next time i go home, i’d be a graduate…InshaAllah!!!
  3. Uni has been disastrous! I just handed in 2 projects in 1 week! i have long odd hours and to add in salt to injury, ya’ll remember Dr. Rob Patuzzi fro first year??  We are friends now!!! Grrrrrr. Yes Russol, Da same Rob Patuzzi. It’s not that i dont wanna be friends with staff, but Patuzzi wud pick on me all da time. sometime to da point of embarrassment. U know how patuzzi is, he hates his friends more then his enemies. "Fatima da epidemiologist" is now my new name…lol….Lord help Me!!  
  4. I miss Amy Chow.   *sigh* my dear Amy, twas so much fun working witchu last year. U were an awesome lab partner and work buddy. Anyways, i’m looking forward to working with Jo, Joanne and Yvonne.
  5. I’m transferring da anger from uni into beading..,I’ve got a whole new collection. Wud use Karena’s super special 7 megapixel camera to get shots of da stuff and pu it on da net.  
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3 Responses to ~*Uni Schmuni..I dont care!!! *~

  1. Fåtímå says:

    Hang in there Umms you are smart you will make it. miss u

  2. NICOLE says:

    Uni is tough….. but I believe u will get there~
    Enjoy our study break ^^

  3. Russol says:

    haha Good old Rob!!! Manfred was the pain though, Rob was sarcastic, but never hurt anyone!! Manfred just has to eyeball you and you\’re a gonner !!! I dont like him… he picked on me!!! You\’re lucky Rob is your friend hehe
    Goodluck Tima, you seem to be a very busy young lady!! its your final yr *happy cry* !!! Ahhhh I wish I was there to celebrate with you, Shah, SHani, Annie and the rest of the crew… Missing you guys lots, but im getting used to the mean people at the school of pharmacy at curtin 😦 seriously, what IS it with the receptionist?? lol you should drop by one day girls 😀
    Love you Tima, and love to all the UWA people whom I miss a lot 😦

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