This is a bit late, i know but hey, better late than never i always say.
March is Grad Season at UWA. It meant time to officially farewell beloved friends. This time around, it was Phelicia Siow & Aida Salehuddin. Thse are two strong and determined young ladies. I admire them a lot. Anyways, it was their time to shine and our time to celebrate. No celebration’s complete without our dear Maslinda!!! Yup, she came all daway from Singapore. It was so good to have her back. She always spices things up and at that time i had a few reports to hand in meaning i was very down emotionally. Mas always frinds a way to pick me back up, where wud i be without her, huh? Luckily both Aida and Pheli had their grad on da same night (Thursday 17th) …so as usual photos and fooling around. I told them i only came to their grad so i cud get free food and drinks, but deep down insde, i was too happy for my yummy mummy Aida and my diva sister Phelicia.
  Dat weekend was crazy. Practically ate out from friday to sunday. Of course if Mas is in town we have to have Maya Masala in Northbridge. *sigh* hot and spicy tandoori chicken, i had to take away. Kept it in Lower Prescott fridge and someone stole it!! (No!! they stole my hot n spicy delicious takeaway tandoori chocken Maslinda 😥 they took it away from me, i didnt even get to eat anyof it :() I pray da chicken gave d thief indigestion and flatulence! (On 2nd thought, i hope they ate it and realised it was nice so now theyyd always eat at maya Masala, promotional reasons…hey focus*). For Aida, it had to be Nandos. I think she wudve killed us (and her other friends) if we didnt come with her to Nandos. Stiffed ourselves and then she forced us to have dessert..grrrr, Aida i blame u for my extra storage. it was a good time to catch up with the girls, especially cos i hadn’t seen Wina and Yuhana officially for a long time. Nandos ended with Clarence giving Aida a preset which was actually a stolen…..hush…i didnt say a thing  . We had a good laugh, thats for sure. Had to say goodbye to Aida. i hate goodbyes! Tried to reassure her i’d be visiting Singapore soon (Right, time to start saving up then!) Twas very emotional, i had to leave before my eyes start releasing.    Left just in time, luckily Di & Clarence’s car was dark, no one saw it :). We left Nandos and went straight to King’s Street Cafe to meet up with Phelicia and her sis. It was just a few of us: Phelicia, ying her sis, Shah, Sara Abubakar, Sarah J, Aina, Hana, Diana and Clarence. it was hilarious, what a combination! We laughed so much and ate so little  . I need to hang around these girls more often, raises ur spirit. Spent da rest of da night making fun of Pheli, i’m gonna miss doing that! Seriously missing these people! especially Pheli!. I havent been mean to anyone in a long time. Who am i going to laugh at and scold cos she believes in horoscopes?   Who am I going to listen to about Feng Shui? hehe, who is going to make fun of my T-Shirt (Its an acorn pheli, an Acorn! + MIND THE GAP) Who is going to laugh at my exam acronyms and songs? By da way, i have new ones…call me to find out :). Who is going to get angry when i tap her left shoulder eh?   hehehe, it’s hard to find a replacement for you Pheli, very hard. Life isn’t as good now u know, *sniff* *sniff* anyways, i wish u girls the best life has to offer. Perth misses you  
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