Here we go again :)

Speaking of water retention…


Guess who’s back to being a gym freak? Me!


It’s been a while since I last went, you know with more responsibilities from Uni and St Cats. I’m going back to the gym and this time, I’m setting myself a goal and a deadline. Good thing I still got all those muscles from last time. And I haven’t lost my endurance exercise ability and stamina. I need to work on the abs and the triceps though.


  • Must improve abdominal muscles


  • Must drop body weight from  XXkg à (XX – 7)kg


  • Must increase Basal Metabolic Rate.


  • Must defeat my hereditary Low Blood Pressure


  • Must make BMI at least 21 at most, 23


  • Must fit into my IEC Prom dress perfectly (which means dropping from an AUS size 12 to a size 10)


Deadline: December 2007






So in true Spongebob fashion…


I’m ready! For Action! I’m ready!



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2 Responses to Here we go again :)

  1. Lauren says:

    go fatima! you can do it… (Y)

  2. Fåtímå says:

    I have missed you!!! Hope u r enjoying your "Holiday" 🙂
    How was Queensland??

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