Let me depress you a little…

So the holidays have been around for almost a week now, what’s been happening? NOTHING! I decided to move out of St Cats just for a month. I think I need a break from college life. Some timeout will do me a lot of good. It suddenly dawned on me that I have never had a job in my entire life (minus volunteering, that is). I want a paying job. I want to do things that I can’t do with my degree e.g. shop keeping, cash register, kitchen hand, customer care, or even become a waitress! And if I was ever going to work before I finished university, this was the time to do it.


My friends and I decided to apply at this new café down the road – Cosmos Café. Anyway, we all went for tryouts and guess what?




Gosh I am so depressed right now! I can feel the fury flowing through my blood vessels! Why didn’t I get the job? I’m glad you asked. The dude mentioned he thought I was “nervous”. Me? Fatima Bukar, nervous? He didn’t even tell me that to my face. This is very depressing because this man himself told me that he’ll employ me and my friends but we’ll get to work on separate nights. He even told me that he’ll call me on Saturday, when the café was much busier than that night. He raised my hopes high. I thought he was a nice dude. I mean maybe he is, but he has really hurt my feelings. At least he could have called me to tell me that I wasn’t employed. Then I would have asked him where I went wrong or if anything can be done to fix it. After all, I have no work experience so this is like a learning experience to me.


You know its things like this that make you wonder, why? Is it because I’m Muslim? Or is it because I’m black? As sad as it may sound racial profiling STILL exists in this country. Anyways, I shouldn’t blame it on that, should I? I better just move on. I guess the good thing is I don’t really need to work. I can survive the semester unemployed, so everything should be alright. As long as no one rubs it in my face that they got the job and I didn’t, everything should be okay.


Bottom line is; I failed at my first job attempt and this will not help my self esteem at all (not that I have self esteem issues, but if I did, this would have wrecked me big time)



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2 Responses to Let me depress you a little…

  1. Thu says:

    hey cherub don\’t worry about it. If you keep looking , you\’ll find some very needy employers who\’d be happy to take you. i\’ve been turned down many a times, and sometimes I think its someting to do with race aswell. try the city if u don\’t mind travelling so far. have fun

  2. Fåtímå says:

    Awww, thanks Xuyen 🙂 I\’ll try my best to apply everywhere. Hopefully someone somewhere will find me capable…*sigh* How\’s the holiday going??

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