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♥…Wedding Fever…♥

      I had a strange dream last night (which is weird on its own because I almost never dream). In this dream, I was sitting in the middle of a round about and munching on Baklava, lots and … Continue reading

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Back to school

    No one says it better than Sally! Holidays are finally over and uni has started once again. And as usual it’s a good news/bad news situation. The good news is, if I play my cards right, this will … Continue reading

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Naija Movies!

Heylo~!   What’s everyone been upto? Anyways, I’m still on holidays, and last week i decided to go to visit a family friend. I enjoyed everysingle minute of it! Da best part? I got to watch a Naija movie for … Continue reading

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MC is 21! wooohoo!

  HappyBirthDayMehngChir! June 30th = Mehng’s 21st! I had so much fun! We went to the Thai Gold Plate restaurant down da road. that place has THE BEST SEAFOOD TOM YUM in da world! Don’t believe me? try it for yourself. … Continue reading

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