Back to school



No one says it better than Sally! Holidays are finally over and uni has started once again. And as usual it’s a good news/bad news situation. The good news is, if I play my cards right, this will be my final semester as an undergraduate. The bad news is my physiology grandpa, Prof Don Robertson, is on long service leave! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I mean, I know he deserves a break considering how hard he works and all his tough experiments and top notch auditory work. But still, he’s an important part of my support system! He always seems to have an answer to my worries! He’s the one that talked me into adding Neuro into my major stream and to be honest, I only considered it cos he was the coordinator and a great teacher. And now that it’s time to teach it, he’s gone? *Sigh* everything ALWAYS backfires on me! Anyway, he’ll be back in September but the semester is practically over then.




First day of uni, first day of drama


What better way to start a new semester than with a little drama. Well apparently, the university Animal Ethics Committee has cancelled not one, but two of my physiology surgery labs. You wanna know why? They think I am a druggie/junkie/dealer (well not just me, but all the students studying Systems physiology). The funny part of the whole matter is that the Vets that disapproved are not concerned about the animals we are going to kill. Instead, they think rather than injecting the opioid anaesthetics into the animals, we will inject it into ourselves. I couldn’t help but laugh. How can they even think like that? All these years that we’ve been exposed to dangerous carcinogens and other highly corrosive substances, they didn’t worry that we may get sick at some point in our lives. But now that we desperately need these points to successfully graduate, they think we’d rather get stoned? Get real man! We used to sniff chloroform for breakfast in second year!


Apart from this not-so-minor setback, I’m looking forward to a challenging but fun Semester! Oh and guess what? One of our experiments this sem includes the insertion of a rectal thermometer in the subject’s… umm… errr… body…yeah! Usually the students are the subjects A rectal thermometer! Are they serious! I couldn’t help but laugh when I read it. How awkward is that lab going to be?. I’m hoping that lab is going to be during Ramadan so I can have a legit excuse to not participate! Even if it isn’t in Ramadan, I will make sure I fast on that day!!!  *wink wink* (must think about evil plan to escape).

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