♥…Wedding Fever…♥




I had a strange dream last night (which is weird on its own because I almost never dream). In this dream, I was sitting in the middle of a round about and munching on Baklava, lots and lots of Baklava. Now the funny thing is (a) I DON’T EVEN LIKE BAKLAVA! (b) Why on earth would i be sitting in da middle of a round about? Abi I don start to craze? I woke up and sat down for about 10 minutes trying to translate this dream and them it dawned on me. Of course! It’s my cousin’s wedding! Baklava is available in abundance at every Hausa wedding. In fact, there is so much Baklava that the sight of every kwalla would make you sick (traditional vessel made of metal alloys in which Baklava is stored). Every where you turn you’ll see people munching on a round orange substance dripping with warm melted sugar! I never liked it, though everyone says it’s great. My conclusion from da dream. I would do anything to not miss the wedding, I’ll even eat baklawa. Thats how badly i wanna be there.


I love weddings, especially Nigerian traditional weddings. Whenever I talk to non Nigerians about Nigerian weddings, they assume all Nigerian weddings are the same. No they are not! In fact they are so different across each ethnic group and tribe in the country and there are about 250 tribes in the country so you can imagine how different they all are.



I only just attended my first real Igbo wedding last summer and I enjoyed every bit of it. Especially the wine carrying and the live band, it was rather interactive and the best part of Igbo weddings, the simplicity. No unnecessary luxury, no need to spend money on eccentric decorations. So simple that venues are not usually hired, the event takes place in the bride’s father’s compound. Hehe, you know that joke Klint-the-drunk made about songs at Igbo gatherings on “importer, exporter and Osondu Owendi o”? I got to find out it was true – the hard way! I had to repeat myself so many times! I am NOT Hajiya Bukar, I’m Miss Bukar. That’s Hajiya over there, Ngwanu go and sing for her maybe she will spray you ego. I was fun sha!



I have been invited to an Urhobo meets Yoruba traditional wedding next weekend and I am so excited! I am ashamed to admit that I lived in Warri for a good 16 years of my life and yet, I have never been to an Urhobo wedding. So I’m looking forward to next week. First, I have to figure out what I’m going to wear.


As for Hausa weddings (Maybe I’m a bit biased) but I love those most. The weddings are supposed to last about 5 days including 3 days of none stop partying! Woohoo!


Now, I am officially a bad friend. What kind of person would miss the wedding of one of her dear friends in the world? Girl, I understand if you never forgive me. I don’t deserve forgiveness.


Once again, I have missed a chance to be in a bridal train *sigh* the things I do for uni! There is so much drama when you’re in a bridal train. Of course, i have only observed from a distance since i have never been in a train *sob* *sob*.


  • The clothes!
  • The shoes!
  • The makeup!
  • The hype!
  • The dancing!
  • The money you get sprayed!
  • The Aşoebi (ashobi?).
  • The Fighting and bitching
  • Things go wrong when you dont have the right accesories!
  • Flicking through tonnes of magazines to find that perfect Ankara or lace style.
  • Crying last minute for someone to tie your Damask
  • Your purse or money getting missing in all the commotion.
  • The emotional parting of ways

If I keep going on about all I have missed out on, I will end up crying myself to sleep. Anyways, all this wedding brouhaha gave me an idea; In my attempt to become a better blogger, maybe I should do a special blog entry on Fashion and weddings in Nigeria. It’s not a promise, but I’ll see what i can do about it 🙂


Bottom line is i have missed the wedding. It’s my fault. I should have seen da writings on the wall. Most of my friends especially in naija are older than I am. I should have done da calculations. If my friends are older than me, they may have lives and settle down before me. Why didnt I think about that earlier? *sigh*  


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3 Responses to ♥…Wedding Fever…♥

  1. Fåtímå says:

    Hi Gawjuzzzz babe. Sorry you missed the wedding. u gon be aight? 

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