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~* Retail Therapy *~

     What I need right now is 10 hours, just 10 hours of me time, alone, detached from the world around me, 10 precious hours dedicated to non-stop splurge shopping! 10 hours of much needed oblivion from everything from disgusting … Continue reading

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…so where wud I be without you guys?

      Nothing can wipe this smile away from my face today, Usually at this point I’m already suffering from Mid week blues, but no, not today! Why? I feel so special. Things have been going right since the … Continue reading

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The Horror…THE HORROR!!!

   Right~! Da Madness has got to STOP! Anyone who has found my fashion sense "scary" say I….Nobody…Nobody? So why why why am I being compared to certain dark and foul people because of my dress sense? I mean, I love … Continue reading

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