The Horror…THE HORROR!!!

   Right~! Da Madness has got to STOP! Anyone who has found my fashion sense "scary" say I….Nobody…Nobody? So why why why am I being compared to certain dark and foul people because of my dress sense? I mean, I love the way goths live but it’s so not on my to-do list to become one anytime soon! Being da very lazy person that I am, I like to balance out my life. If it’s time to dress casual, dress casual. If it’s time to dress up, then dress up as best you can! Being a Hijabi, sometimes I use triangular scarves or pashmina with pins but as we all know that requires quite a bit of effort. So when I dont have time to dress up (Which is so very often these days), I just throw my nice thin black scarf on my head – naija style and head out the door.


Well, I have been compared to few weirdos because of my precious black scarf.


It all started in 2nd year. Dunno why but my Biochem tutor was scared of me! Seriously, this guy would freak out when I ask a question and would tremble when he marked my work (thats a whole different blog story). But anyway, I spoke to a friend AC about this little issue and she suggested "Maybe he’s afraid of your BLACKHOOD." That is how people started calling me “Blackhood”. But you know I don’t really mind when people call me names. Growing up in da Bukar household, you should be quite immune to annoying nicknames. Whether you like it or not, names like Moro-moro and Lady Kwas-kwas will follow you for life. Besides, BLACKHOOD reminded me of this rare series marvel comics had about blackhood, Anybody remember that? Or am I da only granny here? People that wore blackhoods were strong, fast and fought injustice.


MYS told me that my lovely blackhood, my wonderful scarf given to me by my dear granny reminds her of the GRIM REAPER. She even asked me why I had so many hand bags, was it t keep all the souls I collect during the night? Grim reaper… I was speechless.



Told you guys I went to a family friend’s place last 2 weeks right? Well when I was at their place, the 5 year old kid kept telling me that I look like someone from a movie he has. I was confused considering their place is like a nollywood warehouse, who was he talking about? So when we got home I told him to put on the dvd. To my greatest dismay, this kid thinks I look like Darth Vader! I don’t even wear a niqab! How on earth wud I look like Darth Vader? I mean I know my face complexion is dark but no way man!



Monday, decided to start my research project early and I bumped into and old friend in the library. She was with another person. One of those clueless surfer dude type of guys. Anyways, we all had a little chat and somewhere in between hi and bye he mentions


Surfer: Wow this thingo on your head is like so cool.


Me: *laugh* Errr, Thanx.


Surfer: It looks awesome! Can I get one of those?


Me: Errr, You CAN get one of it, but I dunno if you SHOULD get one. It’s a ladies’ thing you see.


Surfer: I reckon it looks awesome. Makes you look like a freaking death eater man. That’s off the hook.


Death what? I know there’s all this hype everywhere about Harry Potter, but did he really have to call me Death Eater? I wasn’t even wearing a cloak! Well I was wearing a black trench coat but still, what would he have said if I was wearing an abaya? Maybe he’d ask me to initiate him to the dark side. I’m not that evil! *cry* If he had compared me with those freaks from the Matrix, I wud’ve understood, but a Death Eater? My own don finish. A death eater? What did I do to deserve it? *sigh*





Speaking of HP, The order of da phoenix movie. Did anyone else think Bellatrix Lestrange did an excellent job? Infact excellent is a gross understatement! She was by far da best actress in all! I mean, Helena Bonham Carter is a great actress, but with Bellatrix…She went that extra mile mayne!That’s exactly how I had been picturing Bellatrix.


“NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!” (Excuse my language) But I thought that was da most remarkable statement I have ever read in a HP book! I never expected to see such a word in a HP book but then again, if there’s one thing JK rowling is known for it’s spontaniety!Thanx to Molly “Stone Cold” Weasley, a new trend in fandom has started! The best facebook group ever.


Not my daughter, you bitch. Click Here



By the way, Thanx to all the readers. I’m going to prepare a special entry for you people. Special Thanx Samira and Aisha! Wow I just realised how many people read this thing even though I only update once in a Juniper Moon! You guys shud blog too you know!


This blog had 750 hits in July, Not too Shabby innit?!?!




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6 Responses to The Horror…THE HORROR!!!

  1. death says:

    Geez…… I dont know if u have received this comment yet…. one thing I hate about this lap-top, is the stupid keys…. and it wiped off whatever precious things I wrote inside.
     Awww…. Fatima…(geez man, feeling odd now typing the second time.)
    Well, I like your black hood, even if others said it looked like Grim Reaper, and Death Eater. You are stil fatima wearing the hood, that is most important, not as if, you are possessed by those dark powers after wearing it….. or are u? It was hilarious when I read it, but I guess after a while, I felt bad about it.
    Well, I remembered the time, when we commented on your white coat in the first year, when Yus and Emily was still around. ERm…. I think you remembered what we said.  After that, you hardly wear the coat out, and geez man, cant help feeling horrible about it. (sorry hey…) I guess, everyone has their own dressing-style, true true, when to dress appropriately and when to be casual. You must have liked that scarf alot, a presant from your grandma hey? Anyway, we still love you, our dearest mummy, even if u have a "Luminous" green scarf (hee hee), or Passionate Red scarf, or the "Black-Death" scarf.     
    Well, hmmm….. being Death Eater, or Grim Reaper…. isnt that bad….. You must be thinking "yeah, hearing from Shani". Just imagine the power you would possess…. if I had it, the first person I eliminate is George Bush.
    And you have to do much, just touch someone and they die.
    Anyway… still loving our Grim-Reaper, hope u get better hey.
    From Shani

  2. Thu-Xuyen says:

    blackhood, ahaha, thats classic. have u seen my guinea pig that looks like darth maul? 

  3. Fåtímå says:

    @ Shani: Aww thats so sweet! I didnt stop wearing that white coat cos i kind of outgrew it. But hey, it was all in good fun! Yes, I feel honoured to be commended by non other than Shani The Great! *salute* *bow* *courtesy*

  4. Fåtímå says:

    @ Xuyen,
     Yessssssssssss! those guinea pigs are soooo cute! esp the ine with the whitish face! And OMG that black and brown one actully DOES look like Darth Maul!!! *freaky!* Hehe…. Please be careful, dont upset it. *scared*

  5. Lauren says:

    ha ha… i only just got round to reading it… 😛 i didnt realise the dude that said you looked like a death eater was a surfer! LOL thats funny….. thats off the hook! ….

  6. Fåtímå says:

    @ Lauren….Heylooo neighbour…..
    Yeah dude thought i was like a die hard HP fan (Maybe i am) but i like the good side!!! Anyways, I was looking for a comback line to say to him but i couldnt find any. I guess i can be a good deatheater. Severina Snape!

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