…so where wud I be without you guys?




Nothing can wipe this smile away from my face today, Usually at this point I’m already suffering from Mid week blues, but no, not today! Why? I feel so special. Things have been going right since the beginning of this week and even though I feel homesick and I have a huge workload, I still have to say Life is good!





Monday, I got a visit from a friend all the way Fremantle because she was worried about me being sick all the time. Sweet right? Well I thought it was. There’s nothing like good company and some fresh fruit to make you feel better. Plus I got a special Box of Kleenex from another friend. She could hear me cough all da way from her room and decided i would need.Its a good Get-Well-Soon present.





Tuesday, I got the most beautiful email ever. And no, it wasn’t from who I was expecting. It was a friend of mine who I had just seen 30 minutes ago. She wrote to tell me how I’m such a good friend, how I always make everyone happy, how much she values my friendship and she emailed it to me because she couldn’t say it to my face. Normally, I feel uncomfortable when people tell me such things and sometimes I think I don’t deserve it because I know I have my flaws. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel good when I got this email. Those 23 lines made me realize how appreciated I was and even though sometimes I feel like crap there are people that see the good in me. I tell ya I was a bit upset before I read that mail and after reading it I had tears in my eyes…but I was laughing at the same time…must’ve been tears of joy.





Wednesday, I got a present!!! For no justifiable reason!!! Could it get any better? I really have crazy friends, don’t I? A few months ago, she came to my place and saw a pair of shoes that she loved and since the shoes weren’t so expensive, I got her a new pair in her size and gave it to her weeks later. She tried to pay me back, but since it wasn’t expensive and she wasn’t feeling well for like 3 months, I told her to keep it as a Get well soon present. So yesterday I got to class early and she gave me the cutest gift bag ever with tabby kittens on it. Anyways it was a craft box full of charms! Lots and lots of charms! With 5 colors of selected beads and a special phone charm chain. I told her she really didn’t have to but she insisted that I took it. I felt manipulated. So because I won’t take the money, she used it to buy me stuff. Just when my bead box was running low!





Thursday, another friend baked me a cake! Seriously! Even though I’m not really fond of cakes, just the fact that she baked it and gave it to me is refreshing! It’s got heaps of chocolate in it so hey, I’m not complaining! There goes dinner!


So yeah that’s it. Maybe it’s National Be-nice-to-Fatima Week but hey I’m not complaining. These wonderful people have made me so happy that neither the low energy people around me nor the fact that I just hit my head on the edge of my table can bring me down right now. There are people that may go out of their way to annoy or upset us but if we take our attentions off the so-called-friends and focus on the people that actually appreciate us then life would be more worth living than it already is. So I’m saying this to my Friends:


You Rock!!!



I now know the meaning of the quote;


“Friends are those who nourish the spirit”


I wanna share my current Fave song with you guys



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One Response to …so where wud I be without you guys?

  1. Fåtímå says:

    Fatooooooooooooooooooooooooom You are a sweetie thats why. Love you.

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