~* Retail Therapy *~


   What I need right now is 10 hours, just 10 hours of me time, alone, detached from the world around me, 10 precious hours dedicated to non-stop splurge shopping! 10 hours of much needed oblivion from everything from disgusting habits of people around me to harsh weather conditions. 10 hours to explore a new territory with nothing on my mind but me, my wants and my credit card. 10 hours of sheer selfish indulgence.



Am I becoming insensitive or superficial? Six years ago, I was more determined on changing the world than focusing on what I was eating, drinking or wearing. When I look at myself now; I love shopping, I adore fine dining and I have become very picky about what I drink. Maybe as I grow up I realize my chances of becoming a heroine were slim hence, I resorted to trying new things. I have always been open to new ideas and not too afraid to try new things in my life but at the same time I don’t want to let go of the things I loved in the past. I still want to heal the world and make it a better place…but why not do it in style?


I WANT Bubble Tea!!


Retail Therapy changed me. It’s amazing how something as mundane and ordinary as spending hard earned money on things you probably don’t and sometimes, won’t ever need can uplift your mood. Thanks to my shopaholic mother I was introduced to a tradition that I am definitely going to pass on to my children –


When life gives you lemons, turn it into a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, then strut your stuff and pretend nothing happened.

~ Fatima Bukar


Hehe, enough of the deep stuff. My love for shoes and bags will never end. I was browsing through the latest collection from Nigerian Designer Deola Sagoe and UrbanKnit and I was so wowed I had to share it with you guys. I absolutely love Clutch bags and one of the biggest issues is when I wear traditional clothes esp. Ankara, it’s very hard to find a bag that suits the color/style/pattern. We wear bright colored clothes and matching accessories are essential, the last thing you want is colour riot. I love how they combine Nigerian Fabrics like Adire, Aso oke and Ankara with Denim and leather! Maybe soon when we go to the tailors we can ask them to design a clutch bag to go with the remaining material…hehe am I reaching for the skies here? I mean we all know the taioors nick the remaining material, might as well use it constructively. I’m really impressedby the new designs I’m seeing from Nigerian designers, they are taking risks and crossing boundaries, Well done! ThIS IS WHAT I NEED RIGHT NOW *hint* *hint*




Have a nice week!


Shoes by Deola Sagoe


Clutches by UrbanKnit


Mini clutches by UrbanKnit



Tote Bags by UrbanKnit




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One Response to ~* Retail Therapy *~

  1. Mehng says:

     fatima!!! i love the last tote bag! so cool!

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