I’m not lost, I’m not lost, Just undiscovered.

I’m not dead. Just unemployed.


     I’m tired of apologizing for my inconsistent blogging. A lot has been going on in my life and I’ll try to explain as simply as I possibly can.


  1. I finished uni in November


  1. I am broke


  1. I didn’t go home for summer – and I’m beginning to regret it


  1. I have applied for three jobs and didn’t get a call back


  1. I’m not even sad about it


  1. I didn’t get the jobs


  1. Because I cant promise to stay for up to a year


  1. And because I was honest about it


  1. Apparently I cant get  a job until the “conferral of Awards” takes place


  1. Conferral of awards is in March


  1. I may be unemployed until March


  1. I am a full time jeweler


  1. Been making lots n lots


  1. I’m going to post my summer 2007 samples online


  1. I have been sleeping


  1. I have been sleeping a lot


  1. I haven’t relaxed my hair since August


  1. It’s going to hurt when I relax it


  1. I am afraid


  1. I may have overgrown hair for the rest of my life


  1. I haven’t lost 7 kilos


  1. I may have even gained a few kilos – my cheeks are chubbier


  1. I don’t know


  1. I’m too scared to check the scale


  1. I’m learning to belly dance


  1. Its not easy to practice with Jee’s smarty-pant criticisms


  1. I need new shoes


  1. And new clothes


  1. And a new black handbag


  1. I’m scared


  1. Scared of my phone bill


  1. I should talk less on the phone


  1. I still haven’t got my driving license


  1. It’s not fair


  1. Damn left hand driving!


  1. Its not my fault


  1. Mustapha, you promised!


  1. By January, I would have had my learners permit for five years


  1. I will be 21 in January


  1. What have I achieved?


  1. It’s the 3rd day of Dhul Hijjah


  1. I haven’t been doing my extra prayers


  1. I will repent today


  1. Yes I will!


  1. If I haven’t been in touch with you, please forgive me


  1. Send me an email


  1. Tell me how bad a friend I have been


  1. I wont take it personally


  1. I promise


  1. Muahahahaha!

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One Response to I’m not lost, I’m not lost, Just undiscovered.

  1. NICOLE says:

    Miz Ya Very Much!!!!!!
    How\’s everything going ard?? U sounds u r a bit sad…..
    Hey, I m now bak in Perth n going to apply the 18-month visa c if I can get a job!!
    If I m lucky n things go smoothy, I will probably get my PR after one yr~
    I m just worried that I can\’t get a job easily >.<"
    Btw, I will c u on the gratulation ceremony, rite??!!
    When\’s urs??
    Feel free to contact me……. Take care ^~^

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