…I dunno whato call this…



Ever been to a Nigerian Wedding? Well ya have no idea what you are missing out on. There’s the wonderful display of traditional rites, there are lots of little freebies you get just for showing face even though you just crashed the wedding and probably don’t even know the names of the bride and groom, there’s the always entertaining live band and maybe, just maybe, if you are lucky enough you may even experience CANNIBALISM!


Yes you heard me right! Cannibalism! Cannibalism!! Cannibalism!!! Well how else can you describe this?




YOU MAY NOW EAT THE BRIDE ~ News Reporter gets a wedding cake that’s a life-size model of herself.


Never, in all my years of wedding attending, wedding planning or even wedding crashing have i come across such an errr…interesting wedding cake.


With Nigerians it’s all about setting the standard. If Ngozi gets married on a beach, Suzanna gets married on an exotic Island; you opt for a beach on an exotic island at sunset. If Nancy gets a limo, Aisha gets a Rolls Royce; you get a horse and a carriage. If Temi had Tuface perform at her wedding, you get off your feet and hustle for Lionel Richie! Yup! Nigerian brides are generally bridezillas. If you are planning to marry one you better start saving up your loot cos you are about to be taken to the cleaners! Everyone wants a wedding that’ll keep people talking for months and months to come. It’s not just about the ice-cream; it’s who puts the cherry on top.


Speaking about food, wanna know what was invested in the five-week making of this eight tier cake? Open your ears eyes.



50lbs of sugar


200 eggs


2 gallons of Amaretto!



Not to talk of the physical labour it took the poor Cake decorator.


"She said she wanted me to recreate her in cake, I dodged her calls for a while, I didn’t think i was up for the challenge." Cake decorator Nikki Jackson says.


Well good news Nikki, this cake has not only make you about 3000 GB Pounds but it has also put your cake shop on the map!


Chidi says "growing up, I always wanted a doll to be made in my likeness, that didn’t happen so I got the cake."


Wise move, what about the husband? I mean it’s not all about you, you know.


"Originally, the plan was for two cakes, one of me and one of my husband, but unfortunately we ran out of time,” says Chidi.


Wow! A Nigerian man that puts you first and puts your feelings before his? Girl, he’s a keeper!


The 5 ft 4” 400lbs butterscotch cake needed four men to carry it from the bakery to the reception venue and when it couldn’t pass through a door, they had to break the door frames and widen it!


There ya have it! A bride that had a cake of herself for her wedding! I dunno about you people but I feel it’s a wee bit over the top. I mean Come on!


I’ll be in Nigeria for two weddings in March and Lord knows what’s in store for me. Who knows maybe a cake that you can program to say all the wedding vows for you or better yet, a walking cake!


To think someone called me a “high maintenance diva” when I said “If I don’t get a Death by Chocolate birthday cake then I’d cancel my 21st and just remain a 20 year old!” Puhlease! I’m not even high maintenance. In fact, with girls like Chidi on the loose, I’m not a diva at all! I’m a cool, simple and laidback Hippie!




Fatima “The Hippie Newbie” Bukar



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3 Responses to …I dunno whato call this…

  1. šå₥ïřå says:

    LOL I read this somewhere on the internet,I have a comment to make but I better keep my mouth shut..but erm..dis cake sef,I still dont have words for it..buh it is now my inspiration,maybe my own weddin i\’ll want a cake out of my many obsessions..depends which one tho..allah tsare!

  2. Fåtímå says:

    hehe! Samush! knowing you only too well, are you going to have an Usher cake??

  3. Umar says:

    Honestly these a kinda unblievable evants, u knw i was kinda furious to come to d end of this blog, jst to say hey….that cake isn\’t ur bride the bride is as d oda side…but who eva made this cake…is d GURU…look at d smile, n d resemblance….is kinda perfect… dont worry Fatima, u gonna have a kelly cake..:-))

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