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Oh my, I have a wii problem!

    It’s true! Why should I lie about something as important as this? I’m not ashamed of my condition and I’m willing to share it and I hope my openness will encourage people that are facing the same heart … Continue reading

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Valentine Day Blues!

Twas a wonderful summer’s afternoon in the Merry Old Land of Oz. I could smell freshly cut grass mixed with the stench of gasoline as I stepped into the 37 degree heat in my bright red Miss Shop top. “Ah, … Continue reading

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*Fatima’s Grandma Factor = 100%*

    Let’s see,   I sew.      I knit.   I bead.   I crochet.      I embroider.   I like oldies ♫.   I like potpourri.   I collect foreign coins.   I’m not your average 21 year old. … Continue reading

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