*Fatima’s Grandma Factor = 100%*


Let’s see,


I sew.   


I knit.


I bead.


I crochet.   


I embroider.


I like oldies .


I like potpourri.


I collect foreign coins.


I’m not your average 21 year old. I actually don’t blame people for thinking I’m 24 – ish. When I ask them why they think I’m that old, they say “Oh, it’s because you are wiser than your age.” Hehe! Yeah Right! It’s oky, you can be honest with me, i don’t mind :). I don’t exactly act like a young adult. All my hobbies point towards young granny! But that’s oky, I love being a cool young granny.


If it wasn’t for my granny instincts, how would i have come up with this idea for my new jewellery collection?


I was at Spotlight in Innaloo trying to find inspiration because for the past two weeks i have been so unmotivated. I actually went to my favourite bead shop in Fremantle last week and for the first time ever, i didn’t know what to buy. I just stared and it was just as if all the millions of ideas i have bombarded my head and collided with each other. Anyway, i bought some glass beads and on my way to the counter i saw a stack of crochet pins. That was my Aha moment. Why not incorporate beading with crochet? I know it sounds so 1960s, but with the appropriate twine; you can pull it off in 2008!

Anyways, this was what i came up with. This is just a draft by the way. I’ll have to spruce it up with vibrant colours – I’m talking scarlet, harlequin/green, and turquoise. The twine quality is wonderful. It comes out really tight and neat and most importantly doesn’t get all fluffy like wool does.

Pattern Up-close: I used the simple double crochet (dc – stitch) loop and ordinary chain stitch.


All i needed was twine, beads and a crochet (Well Some Ella Fitzgerald also helped). It’s so easy to make too! Took me about an hour to come up with a set. So if i’m going to concentrate on earints or bracelets it should be a lot faster.

P.S: i just realised that this is the first time I’m sharing my jewellery online! Jee volunteered to make me a website (She’s wonderful isn’t she?), Diana wants to be my “marketing consultant” and Hamidah is my publicist. Hehe! Its pays to have wonderful friends.


If anyone told me I’ll be selling jewellery this time last year i would’ve laughed and now look at me! Aida was my first customer and Hamidah is my biggest buyer. Thanks :)!  


My major target is family. I have a bunch of aunties that like to dress up and cousins that are so VAIN! Hehe, i love you girls, but you guys can be vain sometimes sha.


So yeah, I’ll be posting the link when the site is done and maybe i can show you people some of the other things I’ve made over the holidays.



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4 Responses to *Fatima’s Grandma Factor = 100%*

  1. Fåtímå says:

    you try wo, you came up with this from scrtch?

  2. anne says:

    hmmmm, missy, thats awesome…that sounds like me sha..I do all these things…salient granny instincts…now, you hook a sista with some bead.and btw: spotlight is awesome!!! got a wedding few decoration stuffs from there…

  3. Hilaluddeen says:

    Wow..those are some beautiful jewellery.Designer on the way…..More grease to your elbows…..granny 😛

  4. šå₥ïřå says:

    i like,no no,i love! create a website so i can shop for ur jewelries online..gudjob! xx

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