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So when I went home, a lot of people (mainly extended family and friends) came up to me and went

“Ummi I heard the good news, congratulations!"

 And I just stared blankly at them and started to rack my brain.

“What good news?”

“Oh don’t be modest, your parents told us the good news” the first thing that came to my mind was my parents have started spreading news about my love life to the whole world and oh, I was going to give them a piece of my mind on this issue!

“I’ll have to check with them cos I’m not sure. Thanx anyway.”

“Hmmm, they seemed quite serious when they said you had finished your degree in November.”

“I have finished my degree? I HAVE FINISHED MY DEGREE! Of course I have finished my degree, yes! Thank you! Sorry I didn’t realise that was what you were talking about.”

“How can you not know when your degree ended?” They asked with an are-you-alright look.

I just laughed and brushed it away. I know they have always thought I was a crazy child so I guess I’m just confirming their suspicions.

The truth is I don’t feel like a graduate. Maybe that’s because I haven’t had a formal graduation ceremony. I intentionally pushed my ceremony to September because my parents were “too occupied” to attend the March ceremony. See I always put family first and what do I get in return? I get tricked and dumped in Australia where I only get Mummy and Daddy love once a year! *sob* *sob* (Lets not go into this) I still love you people though 🙂

Anyway the point is because I haven’t had my grand UWA ceremony I feel like I haven’t finished uni. It’s funny how just two hours of listening to long speeches, the eerie haunting resonance of the massive Winthrop hall organ and your name being called by some dude you’ve never met (or heard of) but claims to be the chancellor changes how you feel about yourself, academically. Anyway the September ceremony should be just as good as the March!

I officially start my Masters on 28th of July! I can’t wait! Bring on the drugs! We are so excited that Amy and I have decided to start studying before time so that we can look smart when uni starts! Hehe, call us nerds, we are used to it. We are the coolest nerds you’ll ever meet so cherish the moment :).

You know when I was a fresher, I used to look at masters and PHD students and go “Why the hell will I willingly CHOOSE to continue studying beyond the four years of torture that I already have waiting for me?” now I just shake my head. C’est La Vie!

Moving on to other Random Stuff:

I am not a happy couch potato at the moment. It’s bad enough that my daily dose of 12:30am Everybody Loves Raymond has been replaced with the Twenty20 IPL Cricket! I gave cricket a chance, I really did. I thought Cricket and I could work things out. I thought maybe, just maybe we could have a bright future ahead of us. Especially when my younger brother, Kabs, took up cricket in 2004, there was so much potential. The sad truth is; I didn’t get it then and I’m not getting it now! Bring back my Everybody Loves Raymond!

To make matters worse, I just stayed up late so that I could catch the UEFA champions league semi finals. My two favourite teams (Manchester United and Barcelona) are playing tonight only for me to turn on my TV and find out SBS isn’t showing it! So sad! Now I’ll have to go downstairs and watch it on foxtel! Oh, the pain!

Speaking of UEFA champions league…

St Cats people, doesn’t John Arne Riise, the guy that scored that sad own goal for Liverpool in the Liverpool vs. Chelsea s.finals look like our beloved Head of College? F1ona Cr0we?



Oh and before I forget, I have officially crossed over to the dark side! I have now joined the Apple team!

Got my MacBook last week and I’m loving it! Maya was right! Once you go Mac, you won’t go back! Why shud you honestly? It’s amazing. I’m used to my poor old acer being so sluggishly slow that when I saw the velocity at which the Mac OS X smoothly maneuvered I almost cried. You also get a free ipod when you buy it from uni!


Hehe! Slight exaggeration! Now I can haunt you guys with scary, distorted and ridiculously demented pictures of me, courtesy of photo booth! Here’s one for the road!

Hehe! Now i know why people are afraid of da hood! My teeth are so cute 🙂

Oh, see those balloons in the background? I have had them since my birthday in January and they have refused to pop or even deflate. It’s becoming creepy! It’s like they’re immortal! Mustapha where did you get them from! Did you buy it from an old lady on the street? They’re freaking me out! I’m so confused; should i pop them? Should I leave them alone? What if there are ghouls inside! I may have been housing ghouls for 4 months……..*faints*


Eerie Luv

Fatima "Unconscious" Bukar

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8 Responses to Title (required)

  1. seah says:

    Hi girl!
    so sorry that I din have the time to catch up with you when I was in perth. I will be going back in sept again! Must meet up again all right? hope everyone will not be so busy. till then, do take care lots!

  2. Fåtímå says:

    Hi Serene! Don\’t worry, it\’s no problem, really. At least we met at ur grad. It wudve been fun to catch up though. The girl really miss you. I may be busy in September but hopefully it wont be too bad. Why are you comng in sept? Just for fun?

  3. šå₥ïřå says:

    u got a macbook!!!!!! welcome to the club,i got a macbook air few months ago too and im lovin it!..i didnt get a free ipod tho *sigh*.. n my photo booth pix are hilarious, i keep playin wit it when im bored, God bless them for having such a bright idea..kin gama uni? wayyo Allah..i wudda asked u to come help me complete mine,but then u\’re goin for masters..how many years is that? Allah bada sa\’a..yaushe zamu zo buki ne? i can hardly wait..lol xxxx

  4. Fåtímå says:

    *I meant the girls, not girl 🙂

  5. Fåtímå says:

    Woah! YOu have a Macbook Air! Nice Nice! But hey, did you buy an external CD drive? Cos that was the main reason why i was put off the MB air. Cos I can\’t watch stuff on it plus i dnt have a DVD player. Thanx darl, I still dnt feel like a graduate, but Alhamdulilah! I\’m really happy on the inside. Hehe! Bukin wa kuma? Hmmm…kinsan abinda nike tsoro kenan fa. Yanzu I have no reason. They\’ll tell me na gama makaranta me nike jira. Hehe! You\’ll get special invitation ai! I\’ll send it all the way to Vienna 🙂

  6. Hilaluddeen says:

    Is that what the photo booth does???that pic is scaaaary….dementor :-p

  7. NICOLE says:

    U look absolutely CUTE in that photo!!!!!!
    Hope everything\’s going alrite after study break~
    Ganbatte ^^

  8. death says:

    hmmm…. I disgree with the organ music, it was so cool, I am now looking for the music online…. anyway, oh yeah, Fiona Crowe does look like John Arne Riise. Chances of Fiona and HRT…. chiilllzzzzz….

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