2008 :: The Year of the 21sts!!

It all started in January…First it was Amy’s, followed by Farhad’s and then there was mine – and I thought it was all over. How wrong I was! For someone that likes to plan ahead of time I should have seen this coming. I mean it only makes sense that since I turn 21 this year, most of my friends should be turning 21 in 2008 too. I have always had that at the back of my mind and never really given much thought to it. It’s not that I have a problem with people that age, no. My problem here is everyone is going to want to celebrate big. Everybody throws themselves wonderful 21sts, after all, it’s considered a very important milestone age. And while they are caught up in their wonderful plans they unintentionally (yet selfishly) overlook a serious issue.

Big 21st = Long guest list = Lots of friends = Friends dressing nice

Zenobia’s 21st is on Saturday and I was going through my wardrobe to see what i could find. The good news is I found something good, the bad news is it was then I realised that when you are a friend that’s being invited to a 21st almost every other weekend, you are going to run out of clothes to wear real fast!

My current wardrobe can be easily divided into 4 categories and if i should arrange them in according to estimated quantity

1. Stay at home clothes – 30%

2. Pyjamas – 25% (What? I luv me some sleep! Need to be comfy! ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Go to Uni Clothes – 25%

4. Naija Clothes – 10%

4. Going out Clothes – a measly 10% or less!

I am introverted and rarely go out. In fact the main reason why i have some going out clothes is because I eat out a lot and need to dress really nice for certain restaurants, cos of Katz formal dinners, cos I’m a member of a few important organisations and of course, because of little parties here and there. I just went through my year planner and OMG, I have a HEAP of friends
turning 21 this year, lots of em from Uni and Katz. Out of these I’m
almost 100% sure that i’ll get about 18 – 25 invites! The number of 21sts outnumber my Going out clothes!

So it is with great ummm, what’s the word? Yeah, confidence. It is with great confidence that I announce:

For 2008, Fatima Bukar is going to be an Outfit Repeater!

Why? Because Warren Buffet still has a restraining order against me, Carlos Slim Helu still hasn’t returned my phone calls, Bill Gates has declined my hand in marriage, Chad Kroeger still hasn’t realised that I’m his one true love and Rove McManus has a serious inferiority complex because I’m taller than him. What’s a girl to do, huh? It’s a cruel world…

To fashionistas, outfit repeating is a serious offense. It’s like there’s this unwritten rule that repeating outfits is synonymous to social suicide. I don’t consider myself a fashionista so I shouldn’t give a hoot right? wrong! I have a huge network of friends that intertwines with all the groups I belong to and everyone knows everyone – after all, perth is not that big a city. Anyway I have forewarned everyone; it’s either I look stunning at your event and don’t buy you a present. Or I repeat outfits and buy you a lovely present. Tough choice huh? I know…hehe. The choice is yours reRSVP me when I RSVP you oky? ๐Ÿ™‚

Fatima’s guide to Outfit Repeating

Why just outfit repeat when you can oufit repeat in style?

1. Thou shall Accessorize! Oh, How I love my accessories! I luv my shoes and bags – Mix and Match; get creative. I’m going to go back to 2006 Fatima. The Fatima that was so into Diva bling-bling! Thank God I can make jewelry too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Draw so much attention to your accessories that people will not remember your top. Works every time ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Honour the black! Black rocks! Seriously! lately I’m so in love with black I’m starting to wonder why I never figured it out earlier (My mum says it’s a sign of maturity, Hehe! I’m mature ;). Serves as a good template and allows you to add all sorts of accessories. I’ve this beautiful pair of leopard print mules that never seen to go with anything – but black! No patterns, no motifs, just black. Black satin shirts/tops are the best thing you can do to your wardrobe, Oh ye faithful repeater.

3. Thou shall not tag me on facebook! *cough* I’m referring to certain people, you know yourselves! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for appreciating me enough to put me on ur facebook – I am grateful. But hey, why tag me? You don’t want me to steal your thunder now, do you? People don’t need to know who it is, I’ll be modest, have the limelight *angelic halo*

4. Thou shall shut thy mouth! I have forewarned you that i’m repeating, so don’t point out the obvious! Comments like "Fatima that top’s gorgeous, have I seen you wear that before?" may be followed by an ungracious punch on the nose! Or a more subtle ooops-i-accidentally-poured-my-drink-on-your-not-so-cheap-shoes! At least it’s entertaining. Lets admit it, we love it when a fight breaks out (may I warn you that I am skilled in the ancient art of Rhee Tae Kwon Do).

5. Love thyself! Nothing beats self confidence. Just be yourself. Don’t feel uncomfortable, you aren’t doing anything wrong! Come to think of it, why should anyone care that you’ve worn those clothes before? Why is it such a big deal? At least they’re yours right? you didn’t borrow them (not that there’s anything wrong with borrowing :). Don’t let what people think stand in your way of having a good time, whatever that is (Jee, Karena; Inside joke! Heheh)…

Here’s to 2008, The year of the 21sts Outfit repeating ๐Ÿ™‚

Lots of 2nd hand Luv

Fatima "Repeat Offender" Bukar

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5 Responses to 2008 :: The Year of the 21sts!!

  1. ลกรฅโ‚ฅรฏล™รฅ says:

    LOOOL AMEN to repeatin outfit,i love doing dat buh only cuz if i love certain outfit i only wear them n ignore d rest,so some1 has to hide them b4 i wear other clothes..gudluck wit all dem parties,hope u get tagged on fb tho,so i can c how fab u look *wink*

  2. anne says:

    Habour town sells some good cheap outfits (Tops)…thats my saving grace at times, hehehehehe. Now, I didnt just say that, did I? U know my worth now, Ooops ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. anne says:

    Habour town sells some good cheap outfits (Tops)…thats my saving grace at times, hehehehehe. Now, I didnt just say that, did I? U know my worth now, Ooops ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. seah says:

    Yeap! PLease COME TO SINGAPORE!!!!! I will be waiting!

  5. Umar M. says:

    Try white outfits!!!!!

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