Whose Baby is it Anyway?

Once upon a time in a land far, faraway lived four young women who lived in peace and harmony with each other. Theirs was a friendship every one envied, for nothing could come between them; Many have tried, but nothing could stir breed rivalry between these friends; neither jealousy, differences, nor the most dashing of princes. Until one day a mysterious child was born… Alas, the question was asked.




All four of them claim motherhood of the cute little bundle of joy. (Who wouldn’t? the baby is too cute!)


But we all know it’s not biologically possible.


That’s where you come in.


Who will make a better mother?


Contestant number 1: Anne



Smart and sophisticated, Anne is an established chemical engineer employed by a multinational giant. One day she’s in Australia and the next you’ll find her in the desserts of the Middle East, she’s probably on her way to becoming a world record holder for traveller’s miles/points. But will Anne’s demanding job and incessant travelling hinder her chances of being little Ruth’s potential mother?



Contestant number 2: Hamidah


Gentle but opinionated, Hamidah is a nurturing nurse and aspiring Doctor. With a job that requires her to work 7-day weeks, Hamidah’s friends describe her as “an ambitious Nigerian woman with a heart of gold”. Hamidah is known for being trés, trés chic even at 6am. Her heart is indeed golden, but will Hamidah’s dreams and aspirations stand in her way of being a good mother?



Contestant number 3: Fatima


Passionate and fun loving, Fatima is an unemployed Neurophysiologist that colleagues have described as “a bubbly hyperactive ball of energy with a drama queen diva attitude and more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw”.  The smiling shopaholic has been quoted on many occasions “wishing she had children”. Has the Diva finally had her dream come true or is the mischievous smile just a façade concealing a financially irresponsible sinister shrew?




Contestant number 4: Tolu


Young and Vibrant, Tolu or Tito as she fondly called, is a 5 year old pre-primary student. Despite her youth, Tolu is the only one of the four contestants to display physical resemblance to the disputed baby Ruth. She enjoys "being a little bride and swinging in the park and playing with Barbies all day long". Does Tolu’s resemblance increase her mother potential or is her youth working against her.



4 Friends!


1 Baby!


1 Winner!


You Decide!

Vote now!

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