♫…Weekend + Guide to Life 01…♫

Ever had one of those weeks where nothing went right? When suddenly Murphy’s Law dominates your life only this time there’s absolutely nothing funny about it. Well, that was last week for me. Everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong. Thankfully everything is good now but what did it take to get here? Let’s just say I have a rather unusual way of handling things when I’m upset. So what did I do this last weekend?



1.    I hung out with my two very good friends, Jackie Collins and Marian Keyes. I bought myself Drop Dead Beautiful. Nothing but Jackie Collin’s crazy Santangelo chronicles can get me smiling again. I was happy until Marian annoyed me! The book, This Charming Man (which I bought a long time ago but didn’t read) was going so well until she made a HUGE mistake! Oky, maybe the mistake wasn’t that big, but it was big to me! Of all the possible places she could’ve gone wrong she chose Nigeria! My Nigeria! How could she? How could she risk losing me, her avid Nigerian fan? Does she not care for our friendship? I chose to overlook the statement about deportation but FYI Ms. Keyes, any Nigerian called “Nkechi” is NOT Yoruba! Infact, there’s a 99.99% chance that a person named Nkechi is Igbo! Big difference! Secondly, Nkechi does NOT mean “Loyal” in yoruba. From my limited Igbo I’m pretty sure Nkechi has something to do with a blessing or gift from God. *sigh* Anyway I’ll forgive you Marian. I understand that maybe you were trying to be diverse but next time please do your research, you don’t wanna risk losing me to Sophie Kinsella!




2.   I threw myself a concert! Make that 2 concerts! Spent most of Saturday singing along to Amy Winehouse and Donna Summers and Sunday air-saxophoning the best of Fela Kuti to my very enthusiastic invisible audience. According to my celebrity judges; Garfield, Elmo, Spongebob and Patrick, my top 3 performances were Valerie, Back to Black and Yellow Fever for which I got a standing ovation. After the concert I signed autographs and allowed the audience to watch me practice my guitar for my special upcoming duet with Chad Kroeger. Yup, THE Chad Kroeger….any day now Chad… I’m waiting…




3.   I made stuff! Like I always do when I’m upset. You see a frustrated Fatima is a very Productive Fatima. I made 2 new chokers, 1 pair of earrings, 2 wallpapers, cut the pieces for a top and designed a website! I’m so pleased with myself 🙂 Will post the URL for the site soon.


4.   I spoilt myself! I always do this when I’m sad and how I spoil myself is directly proportional to my Broke-o-metre. It could range from a home spa to impulse buying. Let’s just say my shoe and bag population are both welcoming new additions to the family; Totty the tote, and Stilly the stiletto. They both weighed less than less than 2 pounds at birth.


That was my weekend. That was me supposedly trying to cheer myself up…and it worked! 🙂


 Today, I bring you… *drumroll* dumdumdumdumdumdumdum  the very first…


Today we have…..Scrapbooking!


So I haven’t really been into scrapbooking. I just never had a real reason to. But just recently I realised 2008 is kind of like a huge milestone year for me so it won’t hurt to document stuff. I also realised one day I’ll have to leave Perth and return to Nigeria and I really should immortalise fond memories. Besides, who knows how great my friends will be tomorrow? How will I show my 4 unborn children that their mum once knew a celebrity, huh? I need them to know their mummy/granny was once cool. I neeed an heirloom. I checked the shops and couldn’t find one to suit my taste. Is it too much to ask for a sweet, stylish and unique scrapbook? Well, maybe I can come up with mine!


You’ll need…


A hard cover book (extra points if it’s made of recycled paper)

½ a metre of black satin

2 packets of diamantés/rhinestones

Glue (preferrably acetone based)

Cotton wool


Gel pen



Needle and thread



Patience required ●●●○○





Remember how you used to wrap your books in high school?  That’s exactly what you need to do with the satin. Pretend the satin is the paper leaving about 2 inches allowance. Just don’t glue it yet.



Arrange the buttons on the ribbing on the book as shown above. I glued the buttons on first to keep them in place before sewing them on with needle and thread. I used silver thread to add to the bling effect.



Remove the material and add glue to the ribbing. Make sure you keep about 1cm from the edge. Re-align the buttons along the ribbon and there, you’ve secured the material. Now to the good part…



On the front of the book, flatten the material and using the gel pen, write or draw out the pattern you have designed as the book cover. Its not very visible in the photo cos of the satin. I chose to write my name (Hehe, it’s my scrap book after all).



Next, the diamantés. I was lucky to find self adhesive rhinestones for like $1.99 at Spotlight so I didn’t need to use glue. If you are using normal rhinestones you’ll need to line your design with glue before adding the rhinestones.




Tweezers really help with precision. I am very anal-retentive with detail so you’ll see that I used different rhinestone sizes along the pattern. It’s really up to you and your design… be creative…. and err, forget my fading henna nails….










*sigh* I almost gave up at this point. You know, Fati, short form for Fatima, but then I remembered Jee has declared war on anyone that refers to me as Fati so I decided to carry on. No need to be lazy 🙂




…and Voila! Design done.


Now to seal the book. If you find a thin sheet of foam, than it’ll be easier. I wanted to get foam but the lady told me it costs $11 per metre! Me, pay $11 for it? Na beans? I decided to use cotton wool. I found a pack of those halloween cobweb ones for like 50c. You can actually use facial one it doesn’t really matter cos the effect is the same.




Make zigzags with glue on the surface of the book



Stretch the cotton into sheets and place them carefully on the glued surface (hopefully yours’ll be neater than mine 🙂 Do exactly the same for the back of the book and then seal it the same way you used to seal your books back in school, using glue to firmly secure the satin material to the hard cover.



To have the perfect finish, add some glue on the first page of the book and seal it to the cover so that people won’t see the fabric. It also give the book a very professional finish.



Finally use a moist cotton bud to clean the gel pen marks (if any). You see I always draw a pattern and never stick to it 100%. So i needed to go back and clean these marks.



And you’re done! Well, kind of. See this was the plan but I wasn’t satisfied. It was rather plain. It just wasn’t Fatima enough. Fatima likes to go all out…



So I added more stuff! I added rhinestone flowers and a really big heart which multiplied the oomph factor by 1000%! It’s so bling bling!



 Bull’s eye View


Now it looks beautiful! The Satin + cotton, the way it feels is just so amazing! The texture! So nice. So soft. So fluffy. So Fleecy yet so silky and satiny…It’s divine! You could fall asleep just touching it. It just sits on my table and sparkles… That’s it folks!




Now you’re done with your scrapbook! Although filling it up is another wahala….


I’m so glad I shared this 🙂


Lotsa Luv


Fatima B




If you choose to wrte your name make sure you estimate how many rhinestones you need. If you have a name like Josephine or Toluwalayomi you might wanna buy enough for ur name … or shorten your name… use a nickname 🙂 (PS, babes, sorry I used your name. But i’m sure you’ll understand…you do have really long names 🙂


Where to find rhinestones? usually anywhere that sells sequins or beads sell rhinestones too. In Kaduna I saw this shop at central market that sells beads. Its near the entrance, close to the ankara section. The lady sells rhinestones. Good ones too. I think people have started using them on their henna (clever!) so it’s quite on demand these days.


Lastly, for bigger pictures check out My flickr



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6 Responses to ♫…Weekend + Guide to Life 01…♫

  1. Fåtímå says:

    Wow. Tima im impressed.

  2. Habibah says:

    Girl I must say to u I am in lovey wiv ur hands\’ capabilities. I remember my gone days when I also used to do stuff… like this very one which has left me all gigglyyyyyy. It\’s lovely! & hey I been meaning to talk t you, Samira told me about ur interest in my stuff ryt.. I was so excited, now u take care.
    P.S I will let u noe when its due.

  3. Hilaluddeen says:

    Wow,You are an artist. The book is soooo beautiful. A real souvenir….thumbs up,keep it up.That thing that holds your bangles and co,the one on flickr,looks good too.What is it called?Did she really say Nkechi is yoruba..omo she don crez 4 head? Make dem Nkechi and their tribe hear say someone don turn dem to yoruba,dem go pirate her book sotee you no go see ote (original) copies of her books anymore.

  4. Unknown says:

    Fatima!! I love the scrapbook you did! that\’s gorgeous! I\’ve always wanted to try it but it seems so sticky & all over the place for someone as messy as me! – Aliya

  5. Shani says:

    You are really artistic… geez man, I am going to try follow ur step-by-step, of course, once I get the materials… But, yeah Good Job

  6. Mubarak says:

    luvly blog…

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