Troublesome Tussis!

Urgh! It’s like everywhere I go –

“Fatima, go and rest!”

“Stop being too hard on yourself”

“Fatima go home!”

“Have you taken any medicine?”

“Go to the Doctor”

And honestly, I would… If I didn’t have so much work to do! This past week has been a no teaching week and when uni starts next week, I have three assessments; a Medicinal Chemistry test, a Pharm. Tech drug presentation and a Pharm. Practice presentation all within a space of 2 days. Apart from that, I have my usual 9 – 5pm classes plus additional guest lecturers coming to speak to us. And then next week, I’ve got an EBM and a diagnostic test….  This sudden flu I’ve got isn’t making life any easier either… Just gone through one roll of tissue in one sitting and if I should enter a Chipmunk Idol I’d probably win…

As for uni, I knew it was going to be tough before I got into it…. Which is why I don’t/won’t complain. It’s just temporary…right?

So can you see why I haven’t been updating? There’s just so little time so much to do! I do feel guilty though. I know you people will understand 🙂 I hate giving excuses. Thanks for those who bothered to check up on me (I haven’t died Aisha!).

Anyways to the good stuff 🙂 I have 2 wonderful posts in mind and I’ll post  them as soon as I get the breathing space, don’t give up on me, holidays are coming up soon! Then you’d have a Drama Queen overload 🙂

Right now, I have a Veritate article to write (Oh guess what? They decided to do a piece on my discovery that Fiona looks Like John Arne Riise! Wooohooo!)

Oh before I forget, a friend forced me to signed me up to have a stall at the UWA ISS spring festival to sell my jewelry. I’m trying to get Karena on board and also make other stuff, not just jewelry ….So I have a lot of stuff to make!

Maybe I should start a weekly update thingy…

Lots of Tussive Luv

Fatima B!

P.S. It’s the international day for world peace! And the whole week is international Peace Week! So from me to you, SALAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!

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3 Responses to Troublesome Tussis!

  1. Abdulkadir says:

    W/salaam o you while ishing you the best, I hope you will get better from the flu. It is good to know you doing gr8…:)

  2. Shani says:

    Aww…. Hope you get better fatima…. On the point of "Dont be too hard on yourself"…. haha, seriously, …. see every one cares for you, except for unkind UWA. Our batch of Diseased people, are great at pulling datelines back, actually by right, if there is more than two assignments/tests due in one week, one has to be reshuffled. But for us, I think people are just finding the smallest excuse to push things behind, and giving them more time to study…. In Singaporean terms…."So Sian"….
    Take care hey…. When you start seeing stars…. Please call someone as soon as possible….

  3. Lauren says:

    aww fatima… hope u get better soon! hahaha…. & i really hope your not wearing a roll of toilet paper on ur head :P!!

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